Perfect timing for church’s new home

Published 9:00 pm Monday, January 28, 2019

Acts Community Church is getting their chance to start fresh as they begin holding services in their new building on East Constance Road.

“We are truly blessed to be where we are since we established,” said Pastor Tonya Spruill.

The church started in 2015 and was holding services at King’s Fork High School, but shortly after they moved into a larger space on Commerce Street.

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Now they have finally found a place to call home, and for Spruill, this new building truly feels like a church to her.

While she is happy that her congregation has a new home, it was a long and trying road to get to where they are now.

“I did not want to move. We were a church in the city and on the corner. I was not ready to let it go,” Spruill said.

Everyone around her could see that it was time to make a change well before she did. Visiting pastors would also remark that she and her congregation were going to outgrow the small building on Commerce Street. They did, Spruill said.

After difficulties with landlords and complications with the congregation, Spruill was moved by God to take the leap into a new building.

“It was not until November when things weren’t happening the way they were supposed to and God was telling me it was time,” Spruill said. “I decided after praying and fasting that I was going to release it. The moment I let go, the trustee chairman found the building.”

After they found their building, the rest was a blur. Within a week, the church had the building and members were giving it a facelift.

“My husband did the painting. We had a member bring the carpeting, and we had another member pay for new window treatments,” Spruill said. “It was like God had strategically placed these people here to be in this church.”

The congregation has already had their first service in the new building, and it was an emotional moment for Spruill. She recalls not being able to get through much of the service without crying.

“I cried the entire service and I had to get myself together. The message I preached was ‘My Turn,’” Spruill said. “It’s a joy and a delight.”

Now Spruill has room to grow her congregation and continue all the things that Acts Community Church had been doing.

“I have more room to do the food pantry and do the clothes giveaway that we used to do,” Spruill said. “We are going to be the church in the community that does what the Bible tells us to do.”

Their official grand opening will be this Sunday at 540 E. Constance Road, Suite B. They will have two different services for their celebration, one at 10:30 a.m. and one at 3 p.m.

The next three Sundays will be filled with celebration for their new space, and Spruill is ready to welcome the community with open arms.