Abortion proposal is ‘disgusting’

Published 9:26 pm Monday, February 4, 2019

To the editor:

For over 35 years, I voted Democrat. I then began to vote independently of party based on civility and rights as described constitutionally. I even voted for Bill Clinton until he chose to commit perjury before Congress. Now, the Democrat Party with its ever-looser abortion demands and disgusting treatment of infants has turned me further in the direction of Republican alignment.

I am in shock regarding Gov. Ralph Northam’s description, last week, of the proposed abortion issue changes. He stated that the child would be resuscitated to allow a discussion of what to do. So, he is saying that a baby would be resuscitated so that it can later be killed if that is the outcome of the discussion.

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Abortion started as the “cessation of the growth of a non-viable tissue mass.” It has gradually become, under the direction of the Democrat Party, the outright murder of babies. The governor is part of this. Doesn’t his conscience bother him at all? He should reread his own words and ask himself how he can believe them.

Is it fine, that after a nine-month period of consideration, for a mother to decide, during the birthing process, that she is not able or willing to do the right thing, such as adoption? Why resuscitate a baby that is so damaged that later killing it is justified and requires a change in abortion law? This is a smoke screen for “I changed my mind, I don’t want my child now.”

I was disgusted enough to hear about those crazies in New York last week making similar changes in the law, giving an actual standing ovation to such barbaric decisions. I just never expected Virginia Democrats to also go this route. I thought we were better than that. It seems that we too are devolving. People need to step back and evaluate the direction we are headed. I do not see how any moral person can associate themselves with this trend.

Dorien de Lusignan