The ground-breaking zone

Published 10:03 pm Thursday, February 7, 2019

By Ariane Williams

A stretch of your land that has a distinct characteristic and ordained purpose is the best definition that defines the word “zone.”

There are fertile characteristics of your zone that you have yet to see or experience because your eyes are only fixed on the unfinished product. Put your hard hat on and get ready to walk back into the construction site to recover your completed zone.

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In my dream, I came upon an incomplete house that was under construction, but I still wanted to go inside because my spirit knew that it was mine. As I walked through the door, I stood in the middle of a beautiful room. A beautiful wooden floor claimed my feet. I was amazed by the space as it felt complete. I was amazed by the beauty, although it was empty. The next morning, the image of the house was no longer a dream; it became a reflection of reality. I was entering my ground-breaking zone. I was holding the key that opens the door to my destiny, but I was afraid to walk in.

We sometimes fail to act, plan and believe our dreams, because we think that we do not have the necessary tools required in the zone. What is not appealing to the eye may sometimes be appealing to the heart.

As I sat down to write, I kept thinking about a beaver but could not make the connection between the beaver and the house that I saw in my dream. I then discovered that a beaver represents teamwork, talents, determination, creativity, creation, cooperation, persistence and harmony. It represented the tools that we all need to reclaim our zone. I became intrigued by the development of the beaver’s house and how the compilations of logs, sticks and shrubs create a fortified fortress that may not look appealing on the outside, but the inside is complex, and every room is organized and has a function. Ground-breaking occurs with determination.

You are a rarity. Do not expect for some people to be there during the construction of your incomplete house. Some will be there just to experience the complete. Little do they know, the change had nothing to do with the outside but had everything to do with the inside. My dream had nothing to do with the physical house, but it had everything to do with the spiritual house. The Holy Spirit is not worried about the outside but is interested in clearing the clutter on the inside for refilling. You may look incomplete to others on the outside, and that is OK, because the beauty on the inside of you is being protected and furnished and is in the process of ground-breaking.

In my dream, I did not see the stages of building, because it was not meant for me to see it. I saw what was in the inside of me. I saw what was beautiful in the inside of me. I saw what God knew about me. There is beauty on the inside of you. The process may seem blurry to you, and that’s OK. You are being refined, as you are already a finished product in the eyes of God. Your dream is fully furnished for you; just walk into it. I want to encourage you today not to be afraid to move into your house. The logs, sticks and shrubs on the outside will keep the enemies away, protecting what’s on the inside. Begin unpacking those boxes. Matter of fact, you may have to donate some things so that you can receive some new things for your new space. Put the key in. Walk in. Your land has purpose. Your zone has purpose. Your incomplete is complete. Every room has a function for your need. No one knows what a renovation looks like until it is done, but you do because you just had an opportunity to experience your ground-breaking.

Ariane Williams is a teacher, minister, published author and liturgical dancer. Email her at