Ingredients to grow in God

Published 10:18 pm Monday, February 25, 2019

By Joseph Perry

“Grow in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.” 2 Peter 3:18

Do you really want to grow in the Lord?

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A member told me at a nursing home where I visit each month that she wants to grow. She is nearly 80 years old and she said, “Pastor, I want to grow in the Lord. I want to grow more in God. I want to make sure I’m doing everything to get where He wants me to be, that He may get the glory out of my life.” She continued, “I know where I am, and I may never be able to go back to my house or my church, but even in this place I want to grow and be all that He wants me to be.”

That was a powerful statement made by my member. I said to myself, “Maybe this can help someone as it has helped me, because I want the same for my life, I want to grow. I want to keep growing in God. Regardless of my position as a pastor, I should want to keep growing in God.”

There are ingredients that help us to keep growing in God. Sometimes we feel that we have arrived. We feel that when we reach a certain level, or when we reach a certain age in life, that we no longer need to grow anymore. We think that we can step outside of the process, when really we need to be growing until the Lord returns for us. We never stop growing.

This growing in God is necessary because it’s not only for us, but it’s also for those who are around us. It’s important that we all keep growing to enhance all we can do in this season that we are alive. We are like a flower; we are here today budding and blooming, and then we fade away.

Two ingredients that Peter lifts up are growing in grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Grace is everything God can do for you. You can’t earn it, and you can’t buy it. Grace is given by God. You grow in grace through your relationship with God. You grow in grace as you go through life. What I’m saying is growing in grace will be an ongoing process. You never stop dealing with life until you take your last breath. Continue to live, continue learning and loving and enjoying life. Let God continue to give you grace each day.
  • Knowledge is knowing who God is. The only way I know who God is is to get knowledge from Him. The Bible gives me the knowledge I need to know how to grow. I need His word in me, and you need His word in you on a daily basis. It’s really the lifeblood to growing your relationship with Him.

So, if anyone wants to grow in God, as my sister shared from the nursing home, you’ll need more of His grace and His word. There are other ingredients, but if you add these, you’ll be on your way to going to another level.


The Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Perry is pastor of St. Mark AME Zion Church. Contact him at