Drivers feel the heat at the pumps

Published 8:59 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Temperatures are rising in Virginia as spring approaches, but unfortunately, so are the prices at gas pumps.

AAA Tidewater Virginia announced on Tuesday that gas prices in Virginia were ranked as the eighth-largest in weekly price increases. The state average was $2.29 per gallon on Tuesday, which was a 24-cent increase from last month and just four cents cheaper than last year, according to the press release.

Gas prices in Hampton Roads were slightly cheaper at $2.25 per gallon. That was 27 cents more than last month and just two cents cheaper than last year.

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Gasoline stocks in the region also decreased for a third consecutive week, and gas prices can be expected to keep rising if stocks keep declining.

The national gas price average — along with the average in 26 states — jumped by five cents or more. The press release stated that the national average had been steadily increasing for the last few weeks as well, during which gasoline stocks had gradually decreased.

Depleting stocks, rising demand and fluctuations in crude oil prices are combining to drive up prices nationwide, according to the press release. on Tuesday recorded regular gas prices at Suffolk pumps that ranged from $2.29 to as low as $2.14, which is a substantial increase compared to a sharp uptick compared to the $2.19-to-$2.07 range that was recorded last week on March 5.