Land Transfers for March 8-14

Published 10:16 pm Friday, March 15, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

March 8 to 14

Terry Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to William Boggs Jr.; 5024 Kingston Parkway; $304,490

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Takeecha Wiggins to Joshua Donnelley; 9017 River Crescent; $419,000

Clement Edionwele to Ninfa Velazquez-Perez; 4701 Magnolia Drive; $169,900

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Derick Stovall; 2200 Humphreys Drive; $218,300

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Marlene Smith; 2187 Humphreys Drive; $204,030

Fore Investments LLC to Josue Aguilar; 204 Finney Ave.; $151,000

Deutsche Bank Trust Company to Global Premier Asset Management; 5711 Holy Neck Road; $3,000

William Harper III to HPR LLC; 307 N. Capital St.; $22,500

William Harper III to NPR LLC; 504 Mahlon Ave.; $10,500

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Current Homes LLC; 106 Elmington Way; $134,006

Clarence Russell Jr. to Ruben Whitworth; 7742 Quaker Drive; $2,400,000

Damian Dwyer, special commissioner, to Holly Furlo; 509 Park Road; $150,000

  1. Dawn Turner to Mohamed Morsi; 4305 Gunston Drive; $179,500

Residential Rentals of Virginia to Roy Crowe Jr.; 237 Wexford Drive W.; $144,900

Mid America Mortgage Inc. to OTL II LLC; 1200 Cheriton Lane; $111,500

Marcus Devine to David Robinson; 4505 Whaleyville Blvd.; $257,000

Mary Balsamo to Joseph Brenn; 2110 Livingston St.; $218,500

Tanika Wilson to Fei Ji; 2288 Humphreys Drive; $192,000

Caleb Medley to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 409 Calvin St.; $98,376

MPB Inc. to Bambini Federici LLC; 2050 Hillpoint Blvd.; $610,000

Clayton Harpold to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 108.53 acres; $62,500

Carolyn Wright to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 35.18 acres; $8,460

Carolyn Wright to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 35.18 acres; $95,890

Househouses LLC to David Nacco; 1450 Chancellor Court; $151,000

1732 Airport Road LLC to Seekwahee Pinneta; 203 Park Road; $290,000

Cedar Home Investments LLC to William Seidler; 105 N. Broad St.; $186,000

Like New 4 U LLC to Tyler Sumrell; 310 Burnetts Way; $177,500

LWS Lawn Service LLC to Stephen Brooke; 1838 Monticello View; $270,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to 7126 Elwood Road LLC; 7126 Elwood Road; $37,000

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 2026 Anthony Place; $220,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Amy McBryer; 222 Craftsman Circle; $179,600

Stacia Fenton to Alexander Kunz; 206 John Deer St.; $108,000

Stephanie Cox to Tony Strawderman Jr.; 1505 Laurel Lake Lane; $333,600

Herons Point LLC to Norvella Holdings LLC; 3107 Ibis Blvd.; $85,000

Steve Gwaltney to Katherine Hammons; 403 Hunter St.; $115,000