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Fresh things happening

We’re excited about the new food and drink happenings on East Washington Street, and we hope you are hungry.

In the last year, about two city blocks of East Washington Street have seen the opening of Brick & Mortar Brewery, the opening of El Korita Restaurante Mexicano, a major renovation of Holland’s Country Gourmet, and the recent openings of Ryan’s Steaks and Cakes and General Public.

The four new or newly renovated restaurants in that small sliver of town have proven to be great places to get a bite to eat and catch up with friends, or to have lunch with coworkers within walking distance of your workplace for the hundreds of downtown workers.

Brick & Mortar Brewery has become well-known for its local creations and a good place to kick back, relax and have a beer or two, along with food that some of the other restaurants in the area will deliver straight to you at the brewery.

These local businesses deserve the support of everyone who can spare a few dollars from eating at home or brown-bagging lunch. By eating at a local restaurant, you’re supporting the owners and their employees and encouraging more local businesses to locate in the city.

The buzz has been building around these businesses for a while now, and we’re excited for more people to discover their fresh, local offerings.

With spring here, summer well on its way and lots of excitement generated by all the new openings, these restaurants are bound to be getting more customers soon. We hope you’ll support our local businesses by getting there early.