Celebrate school librarians

Published 9:44 pm Monday, April 1, 2019

To the editor:

If you are not a librarian or don’t work in education, you may not realize that April is National School Library Month. This important celebration of the positive impact school librarians make on children’s lives, however, should not go unnoticed.

School librarians make a real difference. They are experts in a profession that is typically underappreciated, much the same as classroom teachers are. But a school librarian’s contributions to promoting reading and teaching information literacy in schools is essential to the future success of children everywhere.

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The American Association of School Librarians has selected this year’s school library month theme to be “Everyone Belongs @ Your School Library.” This is a tribute to the inclusiveness that school librarians foster within their libraries. School librarians welcome children of all backgrounds and strive to promote diversity in the curation of their reading collections. Some might not know that school librarians also teach lessons, collaborate with teachers and serve as technology specialists. More importantly, they inspire children to think and grow.

This month, take some time to recognize a school librarian for his or her contributions to the education of our children.

Kevin Bolduc