Land transfers for April 5-11

Published 9:40 pm Friday, April 12, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

April 5 to 11

Michael Rodgers to Fort Hale Investments II LLC; 9137 S. Quay Road; $28,000

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JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to 2019 Castle LLC; 1204 Clarys Drive; $7,000

American Advisors Group to Eande Enterprise LLC; 1405 Blythewood Lane; $53,200

Patricia Anctil to Jayward Hanna; 2390 Copeland Road; $74,000

James Durden Jr. to Jason Barrett; 121 Little Fork Road; $300,000

Eagle Construction of Va LLC to Gary Milton; 4107 Colbourn Drive; $557,000

Kevin Morrill to Dustin Farris; 709 Smith St.; $167,000

East Coast Development Group Inc. to Vincent Parham; 4310 Edgewater Lane; $534,000

NVR Inc. to Dennis Sims; 108 Freedom Lane; $362,645

Sasser Construction LC to John Williamson; 241 Wentworth Court; $143,000

Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Justin White; 2011 Meadow Country Road; $269,900

Lauren Golliver to Janice Scott; 150 Kennet Drive; $285,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Nunzio Marino; 2169 Humphreys Drive; $205,235

Terry Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Thomas Tomasco; 4038 Kingston Parkway; $298,710

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Heather Kerber; 6206 Amberly Circle; $245,086

New Road Development LLC to Harvey Griggs; 0 New Road; $100,000

Raymond Hampton to Samuel Perry Jr.; 5405 Pruden Blvd.; $92,500

Stephen West to Aaron Lynch; 506 Kissimmee Ave.; $49,900

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Jason Sadler; 114 Robin Lane; $330,680

Equity Trust Co. Custodian FBO to Awisemancash LLC; 208 E. Pinner St.; $8,500

Joanne Gibble to Darick Cherry; 1005 Lummis Road; $208,000

Midfirst Bank to Javon Gray; 310 Central Ave.; $3,500

Comfort Living LLC to Lauren Newton; 1218 Baltic St.; $219,000

Eric Dunn to Tish Cooper; 3701 Bridlepath Lane; $275,900

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Antonio Myrick; 2226 Humphreys Drive; $221,540

Taylor Daniels to Helmuth Montoya; 6227 Cushing St.; $240,000

Ruth Crew to Kevin Boyett; 979 Kings Fork Road; $248,000

Kevin Baker to Wells Fargo Bank; 105 Newton Court; $295,652

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 105 Newton Court; $295,652

Jose Rosario to James Allen IV; 5081 Kings Grant Circle; $290,000

Christopher White to Todd Wheatley; 126 Rabey Farm Road; $305,000

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Jason Holmes; 5042 Riverfront Drive; $471,055

1504 Austin LLC to Thomas Dooley; 1504 Austin Drive; $286,000

Daniels Construction Corp. to Jacob Morgan; 222 Charlotte Ave.; $154,900

Charles Eichman to Philip Pena; 228 Barron Blvd.; $347,600

Michelle Squires to Stress Les LLC; 407 Hunter St.; $109,000

Michael Rodgers to Tiffany Godwin; 142 Greenfield Crescent; $80,000