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Celebrate Girl Scouts this month

To the editor:

It’s no surprise that Girl Scouts is recognized as the premier leadership program for girls in the nation. It has been referred to as one of the most well-managed not-for-profit organizations as well. There are 2.5 million girls and adult volunteers who are members, and there are more than 50 million Girl Scout alums nationally!

Among Girl Scout leaders are adults from all walks of life, from all religious backgrounds and from all political affiliations. They manage careers, families and social projects, yet still find time and resources to lead Girl Scout troops or work hand-in-hand with girls. Girl Scout leaders play an important role in our community and serve as role models for girls today; girls look up to them and emulate them. These individuals accept great responsibility and provide girls with friendship, encouragement and resources.

I cannot thank my Girl Scout leaders enough. They have always encouraged me to voice my opinion, not to want change to happen but to make change happen. They have always shown me that I do make a difference and taught me how to work and play as a team. These skills are so important in life, no matter what career field you decide to go into. So the next time you see your Girl Scout leader, thank them. They do not have to be there, they chose to be there. They are making an investment in our future, they are helping us succeed. Without leaders, we would not be here, going 107 years strong. Thank you leaders everywhere for being the backbone of Girl Scouts.

Today’s girls are faced with many challenges as they grow into young women. From negative messaging from media and other sources that impact their confidence and self-image, to knowing how to deal with relational aggression and abusive relationships, girls need adults who will listen to them, help guide them and help them build skills to face life’s obstacles.

April 22 marks the 38th annual observance of Girl Scout Leader’s Day, and on this day leaders throughout the nation are recognized for their contributions. I salute these special volunteers for doing a job well done and for investing in girls — our future!

Girl Scout Cadette Emily Weaver