Scams on the rise

Published 10:30 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Dominion Energy customers are reporting an uptick in scam calls in the past few weeks, according to a press release from Dominion Energy.

These calls follow a similar pattern:

  • Callers pretend to be Dominion Energy employees, and the caller ID may display “Dominion Energy”
  • Caller insists account is overdue and threatens cut off of power if payment is not received immediately
  • Customer is told to purchase a prepaid card at a local store and call a number provided by the scammer

Dominion Energy would never:

  • Use aggressive threats to disconnect service
  • Insist on immediate payment over the phone
  • Request a pre-paid card to be used for payment over the phone

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If you receive one of these calls:

  • Ask the caller for their name and phone number to help law enforcement track and stop these calls.
  • Hang up and call 866-DOM-HELP (866-366-4357) to report the call and find out if your payment is overdue. Do not call any other number!
  • Report scams to local police.

Dominion Energy is working with local and federal law enforcement as well as other energy companies and utilities to monitor and stop these scams.

For more information about protecting yourself against scams, visit