Virginia drivers still pay relatively less for gas

Published 10:24 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Virginia is ranked as the seventh least expensive state for gas prices, despite a nearly 25-cent increase at Virginia pumps since last month, AAA Tidewater Virginia announced on Monday.

The price for unleaded gas in Virginia was $2.58 on Monday, a six-cent increase from last week and a five-cent increase from last year.

“We are seeing a rise in gas prices for this time of year across the state,” AAA spokeswoman Katharine Beachboard stated in the press release. “Motorists are seeing gas prices increase as gasoline stocks decreased substantially amid summer-like demands for gas.”

Email newsletter signup on Tuesday recorded regular gas prices at Suffolk pumps that ranged from $2.59 to as low as $2.43, a sharp uptick on the $2.35-to-$2.49 range that was recorded on April 2.