Congrats to Relay Electric

Published 9:30 pm Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Small businesses make our world go around, and Relay Electric of Suffolk is one of those.

Relay Electric, which is based in Suffolk at a Holland Road location, has been doing business for 14 years. It recently earned the honor of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 Suffolk Small Business of the Year.

Many folks know by now the importance of supporting small businesses in our own communities. When you support a small business, you’re supporting the blood, sweat and tears of local people and families — both the people who built the business from the ground up as well as those who work there.


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When thinking of the importance of doing business with small businesses, many folks might lean toward retail and restaurants. After all, we buy and eat more than we use service-based businesses. So supporting small businesses, to many of us, means going to a local gift shop rather than Walmart; going to a local burger joint rather than a fast food chain; or going to a local sit-down restaurant rather than Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesday’s.

While supporting those small businesses is important, it’s also time to think about small businesses whenever you need electrical or plumbing work done, cabinets replaced, bathrooms remodeled, yard work done, cars repaired and more. Your local small businesses in these service-based areas are often family outfits that are run by and employ your neighbors, the same as the restaurants and retail shops.

Carey and Shannon Lee built their business in 14 years, starting from home — with their infant daughter, no less, as well as a son added two years later — and building up to the Holland Road location and 14 employees. They have clients in developers, general contractors, electrical and HVAC contractors, property managers, residential property owners, homeowner’s associations, commercial property owners, pool designers and even local, state and federal agencies.

That’s an impressive pool of clients, and they clearly have done well for themselves, their family and their employees.

We congratulate this excellent Suffolk business and remind all of our readers that supporting small businesses is important to keep our community running smoothly.