Land Transfers for April 12-18

Published 9:59 pm Friday, April 26, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

April 12 to 18

Robert Blair, trustee, to Joshua West; 703 Constance Woods Drive; $195,300

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Gary Ullrich to Jason Darragh; 3451 Raintree Circle; $415,000

Lloyd Shilot to Habitat for Humanity; 303 S. Broad St.; $25,000

HBV AP LLC to Bond Street Fund 19 LLC; 2051 Sun Harbour Ave.; $8,540,000

Rascoe Hall LLC to 2 Cool Enterprises LLC; 300 Briggs St.; $43,000

Joshua Swanger to Gregg Buckalew; 265 Great Fork Road; $254,000

R&S VA Investments LLC to Ronald Brinkley; 6.712 acres; $56,000

William Collins to Chad Thompson; 111 Brewer Ave.; $349,500

Joseph Savedge to Joseph W Savedge Living Trust; 1604 Upton Place; $10

Trudy Cuthrell to Trudy Cuthrell; 413 Western Ave.; $86,666

East Coast Development Group Inc. to Roderick Pierce Jr.; 4030 Evan Circle; $470,000

Tonja Halmrast to Brian Mowry; 3016 Beech Grove Lane; $314,900

Warren Thomas to Cheryl Remick; 3418 Raintree Circle; $386,950

Lan Huynh to Barry Jenkins; 102 Club Road; $521,000

Hastings and Sons LLC to Ronald Hopkins; 198 Beaver Lane; $287,000

Richard Patterson to Mary Collins; 2443 Freeman Mill Road; $275,000

Bryan Vandrimmelen to Wanda Ullrich; 3003 Indian Point Road; $324,000

LV Realty LLC to Zachary Norman; 3710 Bridle Path Lane; $287,750

Tanner Harness to Shawn Wilkerson; 1000 Fairgrounds Lane; $180,000

Morris Newsome to Anthony Huffman; 3601 Hennesy Cup Way; $167,000

Aaron Chapin to Angele Hillard; 1100 Pin Oak Drive; $267,000

Jefferson Mitchell to Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC; 6207 Old Townpoint Road; $4,500

Tracy Eley to James Thacker; 9191 Dixon Road; $350,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Lynn Harendza; 4039 Ravine Gap Drive; $310,000

Parker Crossing LLC to Karl Fjell; 2523 Saint Martin Drive; $486,500

Bennetts Creek Office Park LLC to Bennetts Creek Commons LLC; 3351 Bridge Road; $2,700,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-OneĀ LLC to Karen Timmons; 212 Cobblestone Reach; $319,910

Wells Fargo Bank to Delisa Haynes; 200 Jefferis Court; $226,000

Kimberly Tribble to Robert Ramsey; 8.03 acres; $51,000

Daniel Chubb to Brian Harris; 415 Waterwheel Crescent; $200,000

124 LLC to Brandon Hall; 2024 Sweethood Drive; $258,900

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Terry Witherspoon; 2103 Fieldbrooke Place; $338,915

Jeremy McCuiston to Pearr Barham; Pineview Road; $44,500

Wirth Holdings LLC to Daniel Fernandez; 2028 Anthony Place; $530,565

D&B Properties Inc. to Sarah Aledia; 120 Ashford Drive; $245,000

Navy Federal Credit Union to LV Realty LLC; 4424 Marlin Ave.; $197,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Calvin Bowe Jr.; 138 Brookside Lane; $287,696

Wanda Boyce to Denna Aston; 525 Chappell Drive; $101,600

Real Estate Investment at Riverfront LLC to Columbia Gas of Virginia Inc.; Shoal Creek Road; $1

Flythe Real Estate LLC to Gwendolyn Allen; 2426 E. Washington St.; $112,500

Governors Pointe LLC to John Hall; 230 Wentworth Court; $300,000

R&S Investments LLC to Robert Fitzwater; 433 Freeman Mill Road; $168,000

David Davis to Stacy Martin; 254 Craftsman Circle; $193,000

Bryant Bowden to Kristen Brockway; 6102 Kent Court; $296,000

Vincent Tolaro Jr. to Dequan Rivera; 2504 Sportsman Blvd.; $257,000

Nikolche Naumovski to Richard Carroll; 167 S. Main St.; $67,238

Kevin Sandefur to John Gonzales; 1423 River Creek Crescent; $174,900

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Issoufou Boubacar; 403 Berry Ridge Lane; $308,900

James Firth to Adam Sischy; 6033 Spinnaker Cove Court; $998,500

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Candace Credle; 124 Rockland Terrace; $232,000

Mortgage Equity Conversion to Hathaway Homes Inc.; 106 River Point Drive; $85,100

Thomas Donnelly to Kamron Murrell; 159 Ashford Drive; $244,900

St. Josephs Reserve LLC to David Lorenzo; 212 Bank St.; $200,000