Deadline approaches for new internship

Published 10:11 pm Friday, May 3, 2019

The Suffolk Foundation is offering an exciting summer internship for college students through the Samaritan Internship Scholarship, and the deadline for applications is approaching fast.

The purpose of the Samaritan Intern Scholarship is to provide an annual stipend to one summer intern applicant who has demonstrated interest in learning more about nonprofit organizations, according to

Specifically, the applicant has shown interest for working in the nonprofit field — perhaps as a career.

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The current rate of the stipend is $10.50 per hour worked, paid directly to the intern on a twice-monthly basis. The internship is nine total weeks long and approximately 30 hours of work per week. This will be held annually beginning in June, and the start date will depend on the intern’s college schedule.

The selected applicant will work with the Suffolk Foundation for approximately four weeks, while the remaining five weeks will be divided between two other nonprofit agencies that are located in Suffolk. These agencies will be arranged by the Suffolk Foundation.

“We want to find out what the (applicants’) passions are and we want to align their passions with the organizations for whom they get to work,” Suffolk Foundation Executive Director Win Winslow said.

Winslow said this will allow interns to see the non-profit world from both the funder’s side as well as the recipient’s perspective.

The deadline for the Samaritan Intern Scholarship applications is noon on May 15.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be a Suffolk, Isle of Wight County or Southampton County resident. Applicants also must be enrolled in college or university, be involved in either school or community activities and express their desire for careers with non-profit organizations.

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