A new season has arrived

Published 10:07 pm Thursday, May 9, 2019

By Sheila McLellan

Just as a new season has arrived with the warmer weather and longer days, perhaps there are those who desire a new season demonstrating the love of Christ with a family member, spouse, friend, those of a different culture or race, or with people in general.

The real characteristics of love may surprise some. They are set forth by our Lord in the Holy Bible, 1 Corinthians 13. The Lord explains that giving to others or using our gifts and talents are not indicators of love if not expressed through a loving heart. He then conveys the true characteristics: “Charity (which is love) is patient.” It is not necessary to speak to a loved one in a harsh tone simply because we are impatient with them. We could pray for them. Prayer by the righteous is effective. (James 5:16) “Love is kind.” If someone is busy and they ask us to do a favor for them, even if we cannot do it, love does not harshly say, “Do it yourself!” Even though love expresses kindness, it also does not take unfair advantage of another person’s kindness. “Love does not envy.” We do not want others envying us, so we should not treat them that way. “Love does not boast”; “It is not proud.” (puffed up); Not unseemly (love honors others); Seeks not her own (Love considers others); Not easy to get angry; Thinks no evil (does not keep record of wrongs); “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.”

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People often try to develop a loving bond with each other without first developing a loving relationship with the Lord. That leads to seasons of frustration. Drawing close to the Lord can help human relationships. God is the perfect example of relating to others. He showed love for us by sending His only Son (Jesus) into the world; Jesus then gave His life so that we all could live eternally. (John 3:16); They thought of others.

As we embark on a new season of love, perhaps we should consider if we have the true characteristics of love. Do we sulk when we cannot have our way? Do we act rudely to those of another race or culture? May we look inward to determine if we need to grow in love. We can then enjoy a new season of love with each other and with the Father from above.

Sheila McLellan is a Suffolk resident and a graduate of Wiggins Bible Institute. Contact her at rylsrvnt@yahoo.com.