Land Transfers for May 3-9

Published 10:29 pm Friday, May 10, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

May 3 to 9

James Rogerson to John Sims III; Crittenden Road; $182,500

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Joshua Capasso to Justin Bond; 4514 Marlin Ave.; $299,000

R. Nance to Arthur Simon Jr.; 5115 Brookstone Way; $452,900

David Konerman to Lee White III; 207 Causey Ave.; $172,000

Corey Northup to Zachary Krueger; 109 Spivey Farm Lane; $310,000

Barbara Stark, trustee, to Craig Warren; 116 Settlers Landing Road; $475,000

Diana Miller to James Cronister; 3660 Deerfield Drive; $233,000

Marjorie Wheeler to Phillip Johnson; 401 Western Ave.; $199,900

HSBC Bank USA to Charles Sutton; 4025 Appaloosa Court; $227,524

Stephen Somuah Jr. to Lamont White; 2104 Patrick Drive; $314,000

Cale Foy to Penny Sparks; 143 Charles St.; $24,900

Richard Faulk Jr. to Aaron Goodman; 425 Hunter St.; $100,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Christopher Quarles; 3384 Village Square Place; $384,850

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Midland Trust Company; 110 Beacon Run; $314,570

Lloyd Waters to Anthony Fenner; 809 Haskins Drive; $188,000

John Eure Jr. to Tidewater Custom Modular; 1385 Cherry Grove Road; $215,000

Kimberly Vacha to Kristina Elliott; 6209 Winthrope Drive; $308,000

BSJ LLC to Jeffrey Ryder; 1929 Governors Pointe Drive; $463,500

Judith Horton to Stanley Mardre; 6800 Ruritan Blvd.; $135,000

Andrew Tawes to Nathaniel Cameron; 144 Berkshire Blvd.; $222,900

SMJB Realty LLC to J W Jones Lumber Company Inc.; 44 acres; $681,157

Jackson/Copeland Road I LLC to BC Branch Enterprises Inc.; 3850 Jackson Road; $25,000

Jackson/Copeland Road I LLC to BC Branch Enterprises Inc.; 3840 Jackson Road; $25,000

Jackson/Copeland Road I LLC to BC Branch Enterprises Inc.; 1566 Copeland Road; $52,500

Morris Glover to AB Homes LLC; 1.016 acres; $27,900

Katherine Hagan to David Martell; 3009 Billings Drive; $215,000

Robert Brown to Kaitlyn Strawhand; 487 Green Wing Drive; $255,000

Brenda Faulk, heir, to Jennifer Scott; 2621 Riddick Drive; $208,500

Robert Lamneck to Robert Terwilliger; 403 Adorn Court; $305,000

Reece Kinnick to Justin Forrester; 1005 Indian Point Road; $415,000

Charles Ott to Timothy Sargent; 3004 Carlisle Court; $289,000

Luke Krispinsky to Joseph Cook; 6804 Burbage Lake Circle; $269,900

Jarvis Howell to Mary Bryan; 1296 Glen Haven Drive; $179,000

B & I Properties LLC to Birdsong Corporation; 528 Warwick St.; $64,800

BAT LLC to AB Homes LLC; 1050 Glen Haven Drive; $230,000

Nick Bucci to Legacy Home Building LLC; Anderson Avenue; $45,555

Jeffery Edwards to City of Suffolk; 132 Kenyon Road; $48,406

Landi Willie to SOVA Home Buyers LLC; 319 Boat St.; $36,000

James Partin to Joseph Oliva Jr.; 515 Darden Ave.; $389,000

William Johnson to David Drames; 6585 Everets Road; $48,200

Gary Ellis to Gary Ellis Jr.; 630 Lake Kilby Road; $240,000

Alma Williams to Michael Rodgers Sr., trustee; 6336 Old Townpoint Road; $60,000

Barbara Shotton to Udeagha Agbai; 1218 Carolina Road; $125,000

Torrell Pauley to Lawrence Cooper Jr.; 507 Millers Court; $220,000

James Perkinson, trustee, to Jennifer Crain; 4900 Bennetts Pasture Road; $330,000

NVR Inc. to Brent Deering; 113 Freedom Lane; $448,635

HAI Advisors LLC to EGP 116 Suffolk LLC; 116 Lakeview Parkway; $79,200,000

Eleanor Meely to Steve Touros; 527 County St.; $21,500

Brad Clark to Alice Jones; 6810 Forest Lake Court; $312,950

Douglas Hand Jr. to Todd Smith, trustee; 129 Kenmore St.; $26,331

Suzanne Webster to Peter Neumayer; 305 Black Pine Court; $310,000