A special volunteer

Published 10:27 pm Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sue Meadows is often one of the first Western Tidewater Free Clinic volunteers that interacts with potential patients there.

Meadows puts her expertise she learned in a 27-year social services career to work for the good of potential patients of the free clinic, walking them through the process of filling out paperwork to determine their eligibility for the clinic’s services. She does so with a sense of humor and positive attitude that have endeared her to patients and staff alike.

She recently was honored with a regional Volunteer Hampton Roads Achievement Award for Skills Based Volunteerism. But Meadows remains humble, insisting the 150-plus other volunteers as well as the staff are the true heroes of the free clinic.

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“The clinic won this,” she said. “It’s just got my name on it.”

Meadows retired a couple of years ago and didn’t rest for long until she jumped into volunteerism. Her unique set of skills positioned her to do a volunteer job where not many people would excel.

“Her life’s work at Isle of Wight Social Services has greatly benefited our clinic patients who rely so heavily on her help during the eligibility process,” said the free clinic’s volunteer coordinator, April Adkison said. “Sue is always quick to share any and all resource information she has with our patients.”

While it’s true, as Meadows insists, that the free clinic couldn’t operate without all of its volunteers and staff, Meadows is the one who helps patients access the clinic’s services in the first place. She has also streamlined processes to save time both for the clinic and for potential patients.

We think Meadows is a pretty special volunteer and applaud her for her hard work.