Land Transfers for May 10-16

Published 10:22 pm Friday, May 17, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

May 10 to 16

BRD Builders LLC to Garrett Stoll; 7801 Quaker Drive; $358,185

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Thomas Scoggins to Gail Minor; 3676 Labrador Lane; $322,900

Robert Collins to Anthony Brown; 1448 Bridge Road; $128,900

Planters Station LLC to Debra Spivey; 211 Tassell Crescent; $373,425

Ainslie Group Inc. to Jim Kilcoyne; 4017 Harvest Reach Lane; $522,059

Hassell Perrel to Robert Leary; 4 Gardner Lane; $229,500

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Thomas Lawrence Jr.; 6211 Cushing St.; $219,900

James Judkins Jr. to Lawrence Silberfarb; 300 York St.; $60,000

&R Associates LP to Ashdon Builders Inc.; 5030 Riverfront Drive; $309,100

AAN Developers Inc. to Ashdon Builders Inc.; 5060 Riverfront Drive; $446,700

Anthony Ellis to Rashanda Doxey; 1804 Gunston Road; $185,000

Alan Kessler to Angel Williams; 2218 Livingston St.; $216,900

Bank of New York Mellon to Linda Davenport; 1017 Sawtooth Drive; $298,800

True Blue Bailey LLC to Harold Macdonald; 1520 Dutch Road; $399,123

Anthony Chirico to Alan Steele; 2272 Manning Road; $189,900

Harold Swarmer to Michael Sewell; 1104 Driver Pointe Court; $345,000

Larry Ford Jr. to Lance Evans; 5006 Topsail Court; $412,000

Dorothy Gatling to Patricia Jacobson; 915 Delaware Ave.; $159,900

Daniel Koppen to William Collins; 2904 Pinewood Circle; $270,000

Cedar Home Investments LLC to Javert Matthis; 117 Bute St.; $104,900

David Jenkins to Harry Hilton; 1523 Forest Glen Circle; $179,900

Three Six LLC to Grant Pilver; 8487 Longstreet Lane; $194,500

NVR Inc. to Rajesh Shah; 2001 Van Zandt Parkway; $261,000

Bethany Francavilla to Justin Denmon; 2402 Alder Place; $350,000

Current Homes LLC to Jeremy Humphries; 6208 Calvert Court; $260,000

Merlyn Daniel to Shanbria Vaughan; 112 Charlotte Ave.; $50,000

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 305 Patriots Walke Drive; $177,800

AJ Potter Investment LLC to Sean Serabian; 311 S. Broad St.; $215,000

Ann Ruel, trustee, to Keith Combs; 1796 Mill Wood Way; $425,000

John Petersen Jr. to Stoney Landing Associates; 22 acres; $159,900

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Stephen Morgan; 2010 Barka Drive; $306,400

Nathan Rau to Rashad Gloster; 1470 Lipton Circle; $265,000

Goose Bay Drive LLC to Tyler Payne; 2812 Colonial Drive; $184,500

Great Dismal Swamp Restoration to Carnivore Club LLC; 630.12 acres; $213,600

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Isaiah Copeland; 4114 Pritchard St.; $206,055

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Panera LLC; 1009 University Blvd.; $640,205

Leroy Booth Sr. to Ava Watson; 219 Tracy Drive; $268,000

Christopher Olwin to Tristan Youngerman; 114 Rockland Terrace; $262,900

Labhaoise Camp and Hunt Club LLC to Duck Pond LLC; 14.39 acres; $128,000

ACS Fairgrounds LLC to Nathan Dorn; 1030 Fairgrounds Lane; $189,900

Holly Pentecost to Sonja Fiedler; 6801 Forest Lake Court; $252,000

Lawrence Martin Jr. to Matthew Warwick; 322 Western Ave.; $260,000

Georgia Hayes to David Mills; 1836 Jenkins Mill Rod; $260,000

Timothy Shughrou to ABT Custom Homes LLC: 6100 Walkers Ferry; $165,000

Steven Walker to Marilyn Henderson; lot one crocker and smith plat; $59,900

Richard Campbell to Matthew Schmidt; 523 W. Riverview Drive; $481,000

Patricia Aikins to George Tyler Jr.; 923 Vineyard Place; $310,000

Michael Carson to Albert Butler; 6011 Spinnaker Cove Court; $500,000