Have a safe holiday

Published 9:57 pm Thursday, May 23, 2019

Memorial Day is one day of the year set aside for Americans to honor and remember the members of our country’s armed forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice and died in service to our country.

Since the Revolutionary War, more than 1.3 million Americans have died in service to their country. An additional 40,000-plus are labeled as missing in action.

That’s what Memorial Day is all about, but realistically, we know many people, in addition to perhaps attending a memorial service or church service to honor and remember our fallen troops, there will be some holiday merriment as well.

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We only ask that you do so safely for the benefit of yourself, your family and friends and others in the community.

To prevent crime and tragedy this holiday weekend, there are a few very simple tips to follow:

  • Don’t drive drunk, or under the influence of drugs, or distracted by your phone or other technology. Just don’t do it.
  • Lock your vehicle and hide valuables when you leave it to avoid becoming a victim of theft. It takes only a second and can avoid a lot of hassle.
  • If you’re traveling, tell a trusted neighbor or friend and leave lights on in the house to give the impression that you’re there.
  • When driving, in addition to avoiding distractions, use caution in work zones and make frequent stops when traveling long distances to avoid fatigue.
  • Never grill indoors and keep the grill out in the open.
  • Maintain constant supervision of children enjoying the water.
  • If a child is missing, check the water first.

These tips are just a few of the most important to help enjoy your holiday safely this weekend. Check out the story that starts on the front page for even more tips.