Land Transfers for May 24-30

Published 10:44 pm Friday, May 31, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

May 24 to 30

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Joseph Vinturella; 141 Beacon Run; $400,470

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Willow Lane Corporation to James Durden Jr.; 204 Raleigh Ave.; $33,900

Carl Alexander to Von Gaines; 6050 Mainsail Lane; $280,000

Cody McNamar to Christopher Johnson Jr.; 1016 Meadows Reach Circle; $275,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Vaughn Breedlove; 3305 Rockcreek Lane; $260,800

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Leah Roach; 3725 Willow Glenn Circle; 427,380

John Elliott Jr. to Jeffrey White Owl; 6409 Sentry Way; $354,900

George Boykins Jr. to CEVA Ventures LLC; 133 Church St.; $26,762

Patricia Letchworth to Pamela Troutman; 4200 Lake Point Road; $1,050,000

AJC LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; n/a; $560,796

AJC LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; n/a; $12,703

Thomas Rountree to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 5201 Old Myrtle Road; $150,000

Thomas Rountree to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 5201 Old Myrtle Road; $423,500

James Dietz to John Matthews; 128 Whaley St.; $105,000

Sophie Parker to Mark Lamm; 2866 Cross Landing Drive; $300,000

Kevin Daley to Latisha Mitchell; 102 Shepherd St.; $194,000

Natalie Ashby to Nathan Bennett; 6378 Scottsfield Drive; $170,000

Christopher Brown to William Bagot; 136 Whimbrel Drive; $490,000

Christopher Donahue to Jenique Wilson; 102 Elmington Way; $206,000

Veronica Boone to Hasheen Riddick; 601 Roosevelt Drive; $169,000

Donald Anglin Jr. to Kenneth Roberson Sr.; 1031 Boundary Drive; $295,000

Tamco Investments Inc. to City of Suffolk; 1503 Holland Road; $636

R&J Supply Corp to City of Suffolk; 1909 Holland Road; $50,162

Christiana Landing Homeowners to City of Suffolk; 148 Kenyon Road; $2,452

Benjamin Quattlebaum to Darryl Goodwin; 5612 Nathaniel St.; $120,000

Adam Pinell to Adam Wilson; 2404 Red Oak Lane; $269,900

Kenneth Schulz to Callista Koelling; 114 Zebulon Court; $330,000

Glenn Lawless to Brandy Boyd; 101 Brackley Court; $235,900

Joseph Juba II to John Pearl; 148 Sharpe Drive; $339,900

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Kyle Pulk; 207 Ivystone Reach; $331,000

Rodney Wilson to David Mann; 403 Haverhill Court; $270,000

Rebecca Tetreault to Tawanna Runner; 206 Friar Court; $229,900

NVR Inc. to Louis Alston Jr.; 105 Freedom Lane; $364,964

2019 Castle LLC to Monta Bivins; 1101 Railroad Ave.; $4,000

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Ida Lynne Wood Revocable Trust; 1913 Piedmont Road; $382,126

James Rodney III to Justin Weeks; 254 Holbrook Arch; $268,000

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 103 Freedom Lane; $177,800

Patricia Blair to Kenneth Johnson; 995 Manning Road; $484,900

Matthew Baker to Richie Rabell; 4031 Burr Oak Place; $259,900

Kimberly Pregmon to Donald Wilson; 202 Lenox Court; $324,900

William Bunch Jr. to Glenn Bertoline; 109 Kingsboro St.; $25,000

Jason Blythe to Rodney Wilson; 220 Berry Ridge Lane; $369,000

Sharon Ray to Nichole Lawrence; 123 Burnetts Court; $182,500

Johnny Webb to Custom Builders Express LLC; 2440 Old Myrtle Road; $55,000

Stuart Resor to David Felling; 2102 Governors Pointe Drive; $420,000

Michael Terminello to Jason Blythe; 4109 Berwyn Way; $169,000

Fannie Mae to Herbert Young; 1427 Blythewood Lane; $56,000

Donald Chitwood to Linda Terry; 6155 Trumpet Drive; $350,000

Polaris One LLC to KK II LLC; 130 Commerce St.; $220,000

Mike Duman Real Estate LLC to Suffolk Humane Society Inc.; 412 Kings Fork Road; $158,600