Greene siblings go back-to-back with titles

Published 10:31 pm Friday, June 7, 2019

With both the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy softball and boys’ lacrosse teams winning state titles, Addy and Jackson Greene had the experience together.

It’s hard to be able to be a part of a state title team, no matter the division, classification or school. To experience that accomplishment is a special feeling, especially when you’re able to do so with your sibling.

Junior Addy Greene and sophomore Jackson Greene won state titles with their teams nearly 24 hours apart.

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The NSA softball team won its first state title in more than 20 years May 17. The boys’ lacrosse team won its first-ever state title May 18 making it a rare occurrence in which siblings win state titles in two separate sports during the same year.

“It was just awesome to be able to do something like that in the same year as my brother,” Addy said. “It’s something we as siblings won’t let go. It was awesome seeing the boys win and my brother’s excitement, because I knew the feeling.”

“It was awesome to watch the final outs of my sister’s championship game,” Jackson said. “Knowing that the boys’ lacrosse team had the same opportunity that next day was exciting. Having two state finalists in the same house from the same year is pretty cool.”

What might have been even harder than winning the actual state titles were the parents of the two figuring out how to be at both spots. The softball team played in Glen Allen, while the boys’ lacrosse team played in Ashland at Randolph-Macon College. It caused a bit of conflict during the day the softball team played for the state title, because the lacrosse team played in the semifinals an hour before the softball team. Despite a lot of scrambling the Greenes found a way to be a part of both.

“It was hard juggling the two,” Ashley Greene said. “We were at Jackson’s game, and by the time we were able to get from there to Addy’s, we had gotten there right at the end. We were locked in on our phones keeping up with the softball game on the way there.”

Both state titles have been years in the making for both programs and have been described as just magical from the Greene family. There are already family-wide jokes going on, too.

“I joked with them the other day and said, ‘Hey I’m not sure any of us are allowed to live in the house anymore except you two,” Ashley Greene said. “You guys are the only one with the titles.”

With what both teams have returning next year, it’s not impossible that this could happen again for the Greene family. However, they aren’t looking too far. For now, they are taking things one day at a time.