Land transfers for June 7-13

Published 11:16 pm Friday, June 14, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

June 7 to 13

S&S JV LLC to Brian Adams; 4100 Colbourn Drive; $447,900

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Wayne Manley to Vernon Zimmerman; 101 Golden Sunset Lane; $399,000

Matthew Gust to Joyce Moore Trustee; 109 Earl Court; $57,000

Christopher Smith to Nicholas Kapsa; 210 Misty Ridge Lane; $315,000

Daniels Construction Corp to Trent Ringo; 1250 Hosier Road; $299,900

Lee Kelly to Michael Hodges; 5617 River Bluff Drive; $395,000

Igloo Series III REO LLC to Wayne Bernard; 102 Ryan Arch; $270,000

Dave Lorenz to Douglas Moorcroft; 2020 Kings Highway; $220,000

Andrew Wolbrueck to Abraham Asmah; 7242 Arrington St.; $245,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Brent Rowley; 2178 Humphreys Drive; $205,955

Patrick King to Keiyonte Godwin; 313 N. Lloyd St.; $126,000

Matthew Campbell to Latoya House; 324 Baron Blvd.; $357,900

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Paul Wells; 6755 Brentwood Road; $356,000

LW’s Lawn Service LLC to City of Suffolk; 504 Pitchkettle Road; $180,000

James Breakfield Jr. to Roderick Holland; 6508 Holland Road; $215,000

Martin Irvine Jr. to William Webb II; 810 Dumville Ave.; $330,000

Renee Wilson to Wayne Manley; 102 Sandy Lake Drive; $359,777

Greg Metzgar to Mary Blair; 140 Five Mile Road; $238,800

Joseph Trahan to Prentice Leonard; 3580 Nansemond Parkway; $260,000

Matthew McMahon to Amber Huffman; 5011 Kings Grant Circle; $288,900

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 2050 Petersen Way; $348,000

Michael Diersing to Eduardo Monson Jr.; 309 King Court; $207,000

Melvin Smith Sr. to Nyla RAE LLC; 677 Lummis Road; $428,500

Nathan Gardner to James Parker; 120 Manning Road; $164,000

Kenton McClung, trustee, to Otis Cuffee; 3625 Frazier Ave.; $399,000

Christopher Holland to Joe Baker Jr.; 120 Bute St.; $34,100

Rachel Calhoun to Darnetta Armistead Jr.; 110 Stoney Ridge Ave. #6; $217,000

Patrick Keane to Alexander Glasco; 116 Highfield Road; $290,000

John Hall to William Tews; 2821 Manning Road; $640,000

Christine Ward to Nathan Gardner; 508 Canine Trail; $216,000

Cecil Wallace to Pamela Keane; 8049 Clubhouse Drive; $335,000

Shirley Weeks to Solomons Builders Inc.; 320 Lummis Road; $55,000

James Durden Jr. to Michael Castaneda; 206 Raleigh Ave.; $188,900

Virginia Commonwealth Bank to Sheila Filomeo; 127 Whaley St.; $32,500

Trent Lamun to Thomas Erwin; 9424 S. Squay Road; $243,200

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lisa Waterfield; 108 Windmill Lane; $219,200

William Redmond to Calvin Holloway; 5302 Doral Woods Court; $422,000

  1. Shelton Jr. to Harvey Holton; 2306 Silver Charm Circle; $262,500

Edmund Joella to R. Jones; 403 Cattail Cove Court; $291,000

Hinton Hurff Sr. to BSJ LLC; 0 Bennetts Pasture Road; $688,200

Linda Hurff to BSJ LLC; Bennetts Pasture Road; $734,200

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Michelle Dixon; 4077 Ravine Gap Drive; $323,333