Land transfers for June 28-July 3

Published 10:51 pm Friday, July 5, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

June 28 to July 3

Jennifer Ward to Bell Pride LLC; 121 Rockland Terrace; $200,000

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Christy Hugg to Michael Andreen; 3200 Clay Hill Road; $340,000

Marchell Puckett to William Tracy; 1317 River Road; $611,500

Planters Station LLC to Shannon Battle; 107 Massey Drive; $370,000

Daeshawna Appling to City of Suffolk; 510 Pitchkettle Road; $78,300

NVR Inc. to Laneka Brown; 129 Freedom Lane; $371,235

Current Homes LLC to Alexandria Lypka; 4613 Maplewood Drive; $186,000

US Bank Trust, trustee, to Nicole Pelzel; 319 S. Main St.; $121,800

Keith Kaufman to Larry Dunaway; 3316 Forsythia Court; $469,000

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Tu Hogar LLC; 2913 Ames Cove Drive; $187,950

Kevin Keys to Corey Kerney; 6211 Winthrope Drive; $309,000

Jason Copeland to Pamela Peterson; 813 Rilee Drive; $201,000

Ashlie Gibson to Alex Holder; 883 Wedgewood Drive; $155,000

Charles Crawford Jr. to Jeffrey Cline; 1007 Delaware Ave.; $232,900

Jason Zemaitis to Kevin Maspons; 6244 Cambridge Drive; $210,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Bakari Bivins; 135 Beacon Run; $421,265

McDonalds Corporation to City of Suffolk; 1513 Holland Road; $144,648

EWS Properties II LLC to Peanut Gallery Properties LLC; 200-210 E. Washington St.; $870,000

Dustin Hughes to Cody Cantrell; 319 Gauntlet Way; $237,000

Randall Smith to Steven Mathias; 140 Nottingham Blvd.; $224,000

Martin Trigg to C&M Portsmouth Properties LC; 4609 Hardy Drive; $90,000

Brian Elms, trustee, to John Lees Jr.; 3364 Star Creek Court; $595,000

Jonathan Brown to Renee Brown; 1022 Meadows Reach Circle; $20,700

Jason Barker to John Hash III; 1335 Manning Road; $340,000

John Wishart to Darrell Taylor; 205 Baker St.; $145,000

Ruth Jones to John Sadler Jr.; 247 Kilby Shores Drive; $215,000

Kevin Nelhuebel to Doris Jones; 9332 Vine Ave.; $309,900

Geraldine Pope to Sigcett Properties LLC; 3938 Sleepy Hole Road; $70,000

NVR Inc. to Annette Edwards; 239 Patriots Walke Drive; $306,515

Roger Fogg, heir, to David Amory; 9068 River Crescent; $420,000

Bank of America to Just Right Homes LLC; 316 Canaan Circle; $225,750

Kevin Genwright to Jacob Strasser; 5109 Kings Grant Circle Unit 174; $289,999

Nathaniel Johnson to Vincent Serrano; 309 Applewood Court; $274,000

Eddie Webb to Dennis O’Brien; 6306 S. Pelican Crescent; $316,000

Christopher Moore to William Zyliak; 104 Pleasant Ridge Court; $519,000

Jennifer Boykin to Curtis Bergey; 148 Brittany Lane; $440,000

Great Pyramid Properties LLC to Heather Landess; 4256 Quaker Drive; $375,000

James Cole to Keith Robb; 3013 Carlisle Court; $267,000

NVR Inc. to Mike Daniel; 109 Freedom Lane; $468,154

Paul Westrich to Georgina Gibson; 6806 Dickens Court; $324,000

Adam Turpin to Caliber Home Loans Inc.; 331 Sussex Court; $363,746

David Matson to John McEwan; 2024 Fairway Drive; $469,900

Brian Eggleston to Bethanne Cornell; 3313 Mintonville Point Drive; $350,000

Mark Popovich to Brian Reed; 4476 Cherokee Drive; $419,900

Christopher Robinson to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; n/a; $307,400

Alexander Muth to Zachary Gurkin; 3022 Ravine Gap Drive; $325,000

Joshua Morris to Clayton Bland; 1124 Woods Parkway; $286,500

FFC Properties LLC to Mark Trevathan; 5029 Huntclub Chase; $254,500

William Kennell to Richard Connell; 2687 River Watch Drive; $414,500

Ross Fairfox to Linda Sharpe; 3603 Hennesy Cup Way; $269,000

Patricia Miller to Shannon Pedano; 2568 River Watch Drive; $328,000

Bluebird Homes LLC to Anthony Layug; 142 Berkshire Blvd.; $249,900

Suffolk HIllpoint Associates LLC to Kunal Patel; 9013 Hillpoint Blvd.; $423,123

Pennymac Loan Services LLC to JSW Services LLC; 120 Park Road; $86,507

Deustche Bank Trust Company to Jung Warren; 712 Bank St.; $27,500

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Marilyn Field; 118 Sumner St.; $90,000

Ki Faass to Thomas Houston II; 2504 Waters Edge; $228,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Terrunda Taylor; 412 Terrywood Drive; $289,000

Caliber Home Loans Inc. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 331 Sussex Court; $363,746

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; Patriots Walke Drive Lot 151; $89,300

Global Premier Asset Management to Clifford Weaver III; 5711 Holy Neck Road; $14,900

Jonathan Melick to Karen Massey; 308 Shore Drive; $215,000

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Donald Mills; 5032 Riverfront Drive; $499,900

William Brinkley to Richard Brinkley Jr.; 4520 Deer Forest Road; $205,000

Fannie Mae to Joel Fortune; 413 Beamons Mill Trail; $145,672

Brian Lavigne to Kevin Bumbalough; 2046 Indian Point Road; $403,000

S&S JV LLC to Kyle Wiford; 4106 Colbourn Drive; $399,900

Jacob Hill to Niel Strain; 6785 Burbage Lake Circle; $275,100

Carmen Leggett to Namon Dimitroff; 306 Gingko Court; $285,000

Blake Niece to Candi Hill; 129 Winterview Drive; $469,900