Help — it’s kitten season!

Published 10:09 pm Thursday, July 11, 2019

To the editor:

This time of year, municipal shelters and animal rescues are overwhelmed with kittens. They have more than they are able to find homes for, and many have run out of space to welcome new ones. This has consequences. Making room is one of the reasons that shelters kill healthy animals. Or, in the case of no-kill organizations, it is what prevents new animals from coming in until placement is found for the current ones.

What can we do? I bet many of you are thinking: “spay and neuter” and “adopt, don’t shop.” You nailed it! Those are excellent ways for us to help solve the larger space challenge, but what do we do right now?

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Let’s provide relief by fostering and adopting. If you were thinking of adopting and have the resources, then now is definitely the time. Youth, adult or senior, you will find animals of all ages and personalities who are waiting to become part of your family.

Adoption is a long-term commitment where you give an animal a home for the duration of his or her life. There are those who may not be able to adopt right now, but who are able to foster. Fostering is for a short period and comes with the benefit of the shelter or rescue covering the animal’s medical bills and a few additional expenses. You just open your heart, your home and give a little of your time and you will be saving lives by getting animals out of shelters and making space for new ones while forever homes are being sought.

Stop by a shelter or rescue today such as Suffolk Animal Care or Suffolk Humane Society and step up to save lives. If fostering or adopting are not options for you yet, you can still provide life-sustaining resources by donating or volunteering.

This summer, between family picnics and weekends under the shade of dogwood trees, let’s get active for animals so they may enjoy life’s simple pleasures with us.

You can get more information on Suffolk Animal Care at and Suffolk Humane Society at

Mercedes Howard