Land Transfers for July 12-18

Published 9:19 pm Friday, July 19, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

July 12 to 18

Mary McCarthy to Broderick Drennan; 5061 Kings Grant Circle; $279,900

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Lolita Goins to Sheldon Owen; 153 Robin Lane; $220,000

Donna Lewis to David Scott; 123 Military Road; $134,000

Alexander Builders Inc. to Ashdon Builders Inc.; 5048 Riverfront Drive; $141,100

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Diego Charles; 4064 Ravine Gap Drive; $335,900

Phoebe Mann to Daniels Construction Corp.; 6853 Crittenden Road; $13,000

Everette Gayther to Mini International LLC; 1113 Truman Road; $52,250

David Lyons to Anthony Ruffin; 402 Wilson Court; $150,000

Stephany Hanshaw to Chastity Lee; 135 Church St.; $131,000

Daniel Toner to Stephanie Hansen; 3732 Arbor Road; $270,000

Michael Eddins to James Murden; 5100 Bennetts Pasture Road; $299,000

Mathew Riddle to Jim Gardner; 3145 Deer Path Road; $288,000

ForKids Suffolk LLC to Suffolk Real Estate Investment; 0 Columbus Ave.; $1,000

David Michael to Chris Everette; 1008 Snead Drive; $273,000

John O’Boyle to Jamie Dik; 6502 Harbour Pointe Drive; $791,800

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Kate Schifferli; 2571 River Watch Drive; $329,900

Wirth Holdings LLC to Dennis Bagley; 2022 Anthony Place; $480,000

Matthew Quintero to KISKA LLC; 313 Greenfield Crescent; $104,500

Fannie Mae to Neon Group LLC; 6061 Meadowlot Lane; $329,803

Jade Jones to David Strauttman; 912 Virginia Ave.; $195,000

Maximo Lorenzo to Michael Ringwood; 2104 Soundings Crescent Court; $295,000

Pierre Johnson to Sharon Reinhardt; 2131 Brians Lane; $285,000

Chad McCann to Wesley Barnes Jr.; 2720 Lake Cohoon Road; $190,000

Jay Holden to Joseph Boice; 3389 Village Square Place; $610,000

Michele Kinder, executor, to Brad Sylvia; 211 Paymyra Drive; $165,000

George Young to She Realty LLC; 1413 Sierra Drive; $35,000

Jammie Faltz to Sandji Ruffin; 405 S. Sixth St.; $105,000

Vanessa Archer to Kedrick Harris; 1210 Dutch Road; $335,000

William Saunders to Brandon Nowlan; 104 Cove Point Drive; $290,000

Phyllis Carter to Dennis Turner; 3344 Deer Path Road; $200,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Elizabeth Roulaine; 2168 Humphreys Drive; $205,595

Elnora Grant to Antonie Reid; 107 N. Tenth St.; $12,000

Doris Gillis to Curtis Mehalko; 110 Hickory Neck Lane; $60,000

Vern Bergeson to Ted Manning III; 204 Chenango Crescent; $225,000

AB Homes LLC to Cassandra Brockett; 7400 Ruritan Blvd.; $373,605

James Durden Jr. to Patrick Wygant; 117 Whaleyville St.; $258,000

Michelle Ornat to Patricia Blair; 2703 Waters Edge Lane; $220,000

Roger Meade to Tahir Davis; 2008 Silver Charm Circle; $255,000

Scott Hanly to Tracey Boyd; 1015 Greene Chapel Road; $324,900

Phyllis Ashley, trustee, to Hoa Pham; 5088 Bay Circle; $455,900

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLP to Ronald Hejma; 212 Preservation Reach; $361,070

Jeffrey Hafley to Shanelle Mendez; 309 Elizabeth St.; $140,000

Sharon Thomas to Edward Parker Jr.; 811 Seminole Drive; $175,000

Charles Ward to Viola Carpenter; 6401 Whaleyville Blvd.; $32,000