Get nominations in today

Published 9:03 pm Wednesday, July 24, 2019

You have less than 48 hours to nominate your favorite local businesses and organizations from around Suffolk to potentially be named the Locals Choice for 2019.

If you constantly get incredible service at a local eatery, think the place where your cousin had his wedding last year was amazing, are particularly fond of a particular golf course or know the absolute best place to pick up a gift, you should definitely go online and nominate some local businesses for this contest.

Nominations are being accepted in an online ballot, and the top nomination-getters will be voted on later this summer.

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You can nominate in dozens of categories. Pretty much any service you can think of, from accountants and banks to wedding venues and window tinting; any place to have fun, learn and play; any place to get the best food, from baked goods and barbecue to steak and sushi; and any place where you can go shopping, from antiques to women’s clothing, is on the list.

There are even all-encompassing categories like best employees, best customer service and, for the nonprofits, best community service organization.

By making these nominations, you will be helping Suffolk’s best businesses and organizations get recognized for their outstanding service. We hope you’ll share the nomination form with your friends on social media — and the next time you visit your favorite place, let them know you nominated them.

What’s in it for you? Oh, yeah — there’s also a chance you could become slightly richer. Everyone who submits nominations is entered to win $100.

Go to by Friday and click on any Locals Choice logo to get started with the nominations. And be sure to check back later this summer once we’ve tallied the nominations and opened the contest again for the final voting.