Land Transfers

Published 10:06 pm Friday, August 9, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

August 1 to 8

James Durden to Shauna Horsley; 6308 Whaleyville Blvd.; $247,000

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Carl Crawford to Christopher Olsen; 6005 Spinnaker Cove Court; $570,000

Betty Zambrano to Eric Coleman; 2032 Sounding Crescent Court; $383,000

Donald Fisher Jr., trustee, to Wanda Mims; 133 Sharpe Drive; $365,200

Steven Jacobs to WDG Enterprises LLC; 0 Jackson Road; $130,000

15Twenty LLC to East Coast Development Group; 4509 Shannon Lane; $105,000

NVR Inc. to Marcus Jones; 2002 Van Dandt Parkway; $199,990

NVR Inc. to Tiran Wilson Sr.; 104 Civil Court; $373,445

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLP to Timothy James; 213 Retreat Drive; $384,016

Hyang Kim to Gregory Meyers; 8.8234 acres Labrador Lane; $185,000

Daniels Construction Corp. to Travis Stewart; 7190 Corinth Chapel Road; $273,900

Victor Perry to James Guthrie Jr.; 3300 Nansemond River Drive; $329,500

Jeffrey Jessee to Everett Snedden; 205 Deanes Station Road; $305,000

Luke Chapman to John Kuster; 6073 Mainsail Lane; $315,000

Ryan Parker to Marshall Toxey Jr.; 3005 Ravine Gap Drive; $305,000

True Blue Properties LLC to Kalyn Sessoms; 5648 Person St.; $211,000

Charlotte Fisher to Michael Copeland Jr.; 1010 Teton Circle Unit 119; $163,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Sarah Tomlin; 815 Garfield Ave.; $192,500

Man Liu to Desiree Henry; 109 Oakdale Terrace; $184,900

Richard Keeley to Alisha Ford; 232 W. Wexford Drive; $150,000

Angela Deadwiler to Roman Realty Group LLC; 211 Wellons St.; $83,500

Terry/Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Michael Kelley; 5028 Kings Grant Circle; $300,142

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Jose Ramirez Jr.; 4116 Pritchard St.; $201,140

Mike Marston to Peggy Brown; 3360 Matoaka Road; $258,025

Wendell Turner to William Cutburth; 259 Holbrook Arch; $294,900

Austin Parkway Solar Project LLC to GSBT Properties LLC; 5028 Pruden Blvd.; $135,000

Jamel Hamner to Alex Brigham; 113 Tournament Court; $240,000

Gary Stone to BWB Homes LLC; 148 Wren Road; $20,000

Nicholas Wilhelm to Joshua Lynch; 1042 Boundary Drive; $305,900

Terry/Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Jesus Grandez; 4068 Kingston Parkway; $323,710

Wirth Holdings LLC to Richard Cecconi; 4028 Michael Drive; $620,000

Sanjeev Havanur to Kiara Rivers; 6729-D Hampton Roads Parkway; $210,000

James Foreman to Shameka Lewis; 3005 Player Court; $250,000

Dhruv Barot to Jesus Torees; 1019 Windward Lane; $385,000

Gabriel Perez to Robert Elliott III; 606 Waters Edge Lane; $149,500

Richard Jeffers to Kelley Hanna; 4560 Desert Road; $67,500

Stephen Compton to Dustin Laws; 3009 Galiceno Court; $359,900

Kenneth Sayre to Joshua Anderson; 117 Berkshire Blvd.; $250,000

Bobette Foote to Malachi Abbott; 115 Mallard Drive; $167,000

Terry/Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Michael Brooks; 1056 Boundary Drive; $312,821

David Travis to Andrew Sinclair; 305 Gauntlet Way; $238,000

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 132 Independence Court; $89,300

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 2065 Petersen Way; $348,000

Jencar LLC to Jhory Miller; 927 Garfield Ave.; $81,100

George Conklin to Justin Seignemartin; 201 Misty Ridge Lane; $275,000

James Obrien to Donisha Williams; 5036 Kelso St.; $305,100

Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Justin Powell; 4613 sleepy Hole Road; $255,000

Kyle Winfield to Christopher Charland, trustee; 150 Mallard Drive; $170,000

Rudolph Skinner to Richard Williams Jr.; 2220 Florida Ave.; $145,000

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC; Chavis Harris; 304 Cornerstone Walk; $338,538

Jean Hyler to Corey Wilson Homes LLC; 3772 Desert Road; $110,000

Larry Norman to Chase Bowman; 4644 Schooner Blvd.; $329,500

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Demetrius Smith; 901 Garfield Ave.; $192,500

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC; Travis Ellis; 2166 Humphreys Drive; $219,680

Joshua Price to Earl Miller Jr.; 211 Pearl St.; $150,000

PNC Bank National Association to Roger Distler; 8901 S. Quay Road; $75,000

Jesus Rodriguez to Matthew Terris; 107 Dunbar Drive; $236,000

Chantel Monsanto to Kyle Winfield; 821 Cripple Creek Lane; $223,000

C&M Portsmouth Properties LC to Marom Holdings LLC; 4609 Hardy Drive; $130,000

NVR Inc. to Erick Bowden; 329 Declaration Lane; $398,953

Just Right Homes LLC to Darvin Marshall; 316 Canaan Circle; $329,900

Colleen Lail to Corey Richtberg; 3050 Silver Charm Circle $252,000