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Five ways to use Social Security online

By Lizna Odhwani

Social Security is here for you, not just when you need it financially, but when you need accurate information about programs, retirement, and more. There are many online sources for Social Security information, but you need to make sure you’re getting the right information.

By using www.socialsecurity.gov, you know that what you’re reading and watching is approved by experts and specifically created for you. Here are five resources that can offer you invaluable information:

Want access to the latest news, retirement planning tips and helpful information? Social Security Matters is a blog at blog.socialsecurity.gov. From there, you can also connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, where you can watch popular videos.

Online calculators, such as the Retirement Estimator, the Life Expectancy Calculator, and the Early or Late Retirement Calculator, can be found at www.socialsecurity.gov/planners/calculators.

Have you lost or misplaced your Social Security card? Find out how to get a new, replacement, or corrected card at www.socialsecurity.gov/ssnumber. In fact, you may be able to quickly request a replacement card online with a “my Social Security” account, if you meet certain qualifications, at www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount.

Verify your annual earnings and review estimates of your future Social Security benefits when you access your Social Security Statement, one of the many services available with a “my Social Security” account at www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount.

Do you have to pay taxes on Social Security benefits? How do you apply for Social Security retirement benefits? What is your full retirement age? Discover the answers to your Social Security related questions at the Frequently Asked Questions page at www.socialsecurity.gov/faq.

With so many services available online, Social Security is here for you when your schedule allows, and it is the authority for Social Security program and benefits information. Be sure to tell friends and family about all the business they can do from the comfort of their home or office at www.socialsecurity.gov.

Lizna Odhwani is a Social Security public affairs specialist based in Norfolk. Contact her at Lizna.Odhwani@ssa.gov.