Land Transfers for Aug. 9-22

Published 10:32 pm Friday, August 30, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Aug. 9 to 22

Shawn D. Teasley to Mackzell Williams; 2122 Livingston St.; $228,000

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NVR Inc., trustee, to Joshua Bohr; 105 Civil Court; $310,360

Keith G. Harris to Jacob A. Brown; 1052 Boundary Drive; $280,000

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 2012 Van Zandt Parkway; $315,000

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 231 Patriots Walk Drive; $89,300

Robert B. Quinn Jr., trustee, to Todd R. Smith; 324 Tindalls Court; $125,000

Jencar LLC to Avery Property Management LLC; 123 Chestnut St.; $66,538

Adrian Darby to Kelli Ann Brown, 5168 Townpoint Road; $336,400

Deborah R. Cagle to Everett B. Birdsong Jr.; 162 River Point Drive; $160,000

Planters Station LLC to Jimmy Scott Key; 115 McCormick Drive; $329,900

Villas at Lake Meade LLC to Cory Adam Seto; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 605; $242,800

Huy-Khanh Le-Hoang Vo to Terence Benton; 192 Squire Reach; $163,000

NVR Inc. to Michael Gray; 116 Freedom Lane; $414,990

Richard Moseley Jr. to Evan Bloxham; 6306 Amberly Court; $279,900

Keith R. Glenn to Jasmine N. Claudio; 4402 Kendal Way; $320,000

2019 Castle LLC to Ebony L. Hendrick; 306 N. Lloyd St.; $12,908

Rachel M. Roberson to Chas Austin Scott; 419 Williams Road; $172,000

Roman Realty Group LL to Theadore R. Joyner Sr.; 204 N. Broad St.; $172,900

Daryl L. Green to Johnny L. Jones; 1911 Piedmont Road; $365,000

David Kenny to Avery Property Management LLC; 174 E. Washington St.; $120,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Aaron M. Frankey; 505 Harrison St.; $192,500

Bad to the Bone Real Estate Investments to Nikki L. Shepard; 4509 John St.; $245,000

Victor P. Clark to Fritz A. Whitfield; 141 Green Springs Drive; $184,900

Jerry L. Ward Jr. to Terry J. Douglas; 2633 Lake Cohoon Road; $255,000

Lelia Bell Manley to Edward A. Sonnie II; 310 Bidwell St.; $40,000

Joel Nichols to Wallace Lennell Nichols; 1012 White Marsh Road; $21,138

Cameron Holdings LLC to Goodman Square LLC; 611 Factory St.; $30,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Sharon A. Crowder; 117 Sandcastle Circle; $356,476

Curtis R. Phillips to Branch Benton Road LLC; 278 Benton Road; $350,000

Aquita P. Roberts to William M. Thurman; 6124 Holy Neck Road; $145,000

Christopher L. Breeden to Angela M. Divenere Revocable Living Trust; 2008 Woodshire Way; $245,000

Richard A. Faulk to Bernice D. Burkhalter; 3266 Jackson Road; $275,000

Kaleb A. Kamrowski to James L. Ball; 189 Kristen Lane; $253,000

Elmer V. Dickens to Antoine Santiago; 3603 Coach House Court; $295,000

GLT Family Limited Partnership to Atlantic Coast Pipeline; N/A; $100,000

Debra W. Vaughan to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 3510 Little Creek Road; $2,500

Lisa D. Pierce to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; N/A; $5,200

Robert L. Harrell Jr. to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; 756 Chappell Drive; $226,235

Joyce Coggsdale Harrell to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC; N/A; $235,200

Djuana R. Scott to Marc D. Maribao; 6702 Dickens Court West; $315,000

Eddie D. Reed to Michael Gutches; 1761 Mill Wood Way; $369,000

Daniel Youngk to Patrick Lippert; 218 Widgeon Court; $200,000

Keith Mayfield Sr. to John D. Parks; N/A; $32,000

Kenneth A. Dillman to Leandreas Allen; 6713 Castlewood Circle; $325,000

Jason L. Stewart to Kelly S. Fink; 3851 Jackson Road; $299,900

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Eric Aho; 9015 Hillpoint Blvd.; $365,033

Gordon R. Klemp to Sidney E. Hendrickson Jr.; 205 Rockwood Place; $250,000

Jess L. Goodman Jr., trustee, to John Douglas Scott; 105 Sharpe Drive; $362,000

Joseph R. Watford to Preston M. Mosley; 8351 Lee Hall Ave.; $227,000

Eric Michael Cafini to Brian Monroe; 103 Green Spring Drive; $551,200

Phillip M. Richmann to Garnel W. Dahn; 2684 River Watch Drive; $300,000

Presson Construction LLC to Richard Nedjoika; 1207 Kansas St.; $289,000

Sadler Building Corporation to Randolph M. Blanks; 4120 River Park Drive; $726,206

Barry S. Dalton to Allen Kelley; 6200 Oakglen Drive; $190,000

Horace A. Darden to Timothy P. Depow; 8809 S. Quay Road; $114,900

Bryan M. Christensen to Jessica Lyn Keeley; 105 Saint Anne Ave.; $209,500

Planters Station LLC to Lauri J. Nelson; 121 McCormick Drive; $357,625

Harbourview Partners to Bluepoint Investment Group LLC; Harbour View Boulevard Parcel 15-A and 16-B; $4,107,377

Brandon Schoonover to David Edgell; 313 Westwood Drive; $216,000

Lyngelique LLC to Ernest Ellis; 0 White Marsh Road 9.28 acres; $40,000

Mary Turner to Sara Ware; 100 E. Pinner St.; $22,500

Fannie Mae to Tiana Yule; 845 David Blvd.; $192,500

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Osei Boampong; 2162 Humphreys Drive; $214,480

Home Opportunity LLC to Chestnut EQ R6 LLC; 106 Halifax St.; $368

Karen Smith to David Stephenson; 213 Wentworth Court; $420,000

Janice Morris to Benjamin Esau; 5203 Mineral Spring Road; $216,000

Veronica Latonio to Barry Dalton; 6216 Winthrope Drive; $330,000

Gregory Jarrett to Pro Sold Real Estate LLC; 1306 Beechwood Ave.; $95,000

Thomas Fredette to Tonya Hall-Stevenson; 3011 Hogan Way; $243,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Scott Wells; 104 Sandalwood Lane; $322,900

Thomas White to Jewel Bailey; 113 Kingsdale Road; $188,000

Elizabeth Heiss to Gail Toro; 232 Great Fork Road; $250,000

Mortgage Equity Conversion Asse… to Michael Bell; 6316 Holland Road; $175,000

Roger Fanney to Tyler Joyner; 2609 N. Nansemond Drive; $290,000

Vista Homes LLC to Rose Olivier; 2516 Saint Martin Drive; $273,000

James Byrd to Jethro Byrd; 3067 Carolina Road; $100,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Terri Phillips; 2172 Humphreys Drive; $214,720

RF8B LLC to Columbia Gas of Virginia LLC; 7101 Bridgeway Drive; $1

Eagle Construction of VA LLC to Stefan Strautnieks; 4008 Evan Circle; $485,000

John Lewis Jr. to Michael Serle; 109 Squire Reach; $140,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Joshua Jones; 118 Farrand Drive; $323,900

Caroline Grube, trustee, to Elmer Dickens; 205 King Fisher Drive; $380,000

MIBI International LLC to William Tynes; 727 Brooke Ave.; $117,900

Homer Stringer to Janell Evans; 1078 Snead Drive; $295,000

NVR Inc. to Lamart Davis; 305 Patriots Walke Drive; $338,425

2019 Castle LLC to Leon Jones; 305 N. Lloyd St.; $10,000

Devin Gillis to William Glueck; 6733 Whitewood St.; $219,900

Herons Point LLC to Jeffrey Berntsen; 3112 Ibis Blvd.; $385,500

Silver Star Properties LLC to Charla Johnson; 2106 Soundings Crescent Court; $295,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Erika Stewart; 4075 Ravine Gap Drive; $313,544

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Jim Bradley II; 4058 Ravine Gap Drive; $339,900

Janeth Bennett Maurice Washington; 319 Stonehenge Drive; $197,000

Barry Martin to Trevor Moyer; 6208 Apple St.; $239,900

Linda Etcher to Darrance Cain; 212 Misty Ridge Lane; $237,000

Joseph Justice Jr. to Jorge Montoya; 124 Woodlake Terrace; $229,900

James Donnelly to Pamela Johnson; 3603 Gold Cup Point; $290,000

Donald Beitman to Seth Moody; 127 Dunbar Drive; $240,000

Thang Nguyen to Robert Scott; 1886 Mustang Trail; $429,900

Tyler McMillen to Rodney Daniels; 1479 Spring Meadow Lane; $455,000

Thomas Taylor to Jocelyn Graham; 4007 Burr Oak Place; $265,000

David Stephenson to Pamela Blancard; 1901 Waters Edge Lane; $225,000

Todd Marsalek to Benjamin Longstreet; 2033 Regency Drive; $250,000

Tom Smith, trustee, to Horizon Services LLC; Lots One and Two Block F Patillo Property; $21,500

John Oliver Sr. to Branwall LLC; 1749 Kings Fork Road; $55,000