Land Transfers for Aug. 23-29

Published 10:26 pm Friday, September 6, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

August 23 to 29

BCS Homes LLC to Scotty Hendricks; 134 Meridian Place; $351,170

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Isabel Wilcher to Chadburn Ward; 10068 Ellis Road; $164,500

Glaser Family Properties LLC to John Drames Jr.; Pitchkettle Point Circle Lot 25; $182,000

NVR Inc. to Ryan Koch; 2017 Van Zandt Parkway; $276,460

Donna Askew to Brian Gilliam; 6710 Duck Landing; $302,000

Planters Station LLC to Yvonne Dorrin; 210 Tassell Crescent; $318,000

Henry Taylor to Aidyn Scott; 1025 Blythewood Lane; $135,000

Greenway Farms LTD to 32 South LLC; Carolina Road; $240,000

Napolitano Ventures Rentals LLC to BCS Homes LLC; 95 Childress St.; $60,000

Ralph Tawney to Kyle Venable; 10888 Wyanoke Trail; $30,000

Hunter Timmons to Karl Holloman; 1524 Olde Mill Creek Drive; $364,999

Kristin Ralston to Maggie Tedder; 510 Murphys Mill Road; $161,000

Huy Tran to Skye Hartman; 6774 Burbage Lake Circle; $312,000

James Scruggs Jr. to David Michael; 102 Seabreeze Lane; $428,500

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-OneĀ LLC to Cheryl Sparrer; 305 Keystone Walk; $291,085

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Arthur Boykin; 441 Terrywood Drive; $333,895

Barry Dragon to Kevin Smith; 1632 Great Fork Road; $217,900

Timothy Corcoran to Kelly Johnson Jr.; 325 Turnstone Drive; $576,000

S4 Enterprises LLC to Katherine Chavez; 8928 River Crescent; $430,000

NVR Inc. to Kelsey James; 2013 Van Zandt Parkway; $273,785

George Murray to Charles Wiley; 6115 Trumpet Drive; $459,900

Timothy Rice to George Stebe; 149 Robin Lane; $269,900

Exeter Farm LLC to Jennifer Daugherty; 5100 Exeter Drive; $156,500

Jason Paquette to Tiffany Rawlings; 3601 Halter Cove; $290,000

James Durden Jr. to Jackie Trumbull; 2051 Airport Road; $229,900

Jessica Donahue to Joseph Cashwell; 2003 Redgate Drive; $310,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Justin Kopcho; 1014 Raven Hill Road; $315,000

Theresa Clark to Timothy Powell; 5005 Pebble Creek Court; $599,000

C. Davis to John Galen; 516 Darden Ave.; $205,516

Michael Reed to Garland Felton; 106 Birdie Drive; $300,000

Earth LLC to Dakota Investment LLC; 4330 Vicksburg Road; $470,000

Vasilios Andreou to Shera White; 1004 Lakeside Court; $165,000

Michele Blackledge to Bettina Selby; 6376 Scottsfield Drive; $198,000

FCC Properties LLC to Mary Jackson; 6404 N. Sentry Way; $329,900

Lakshmi Muppala to Edward Parker; 106 Patriots Walke Drive; $374,900

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Latoya Jones; 1053 Rosemont Ave.; $188,800

Catherine Bowen to Drew Varner; 1137 Turner Drive; $150,000

Peter Clemow to Todd Sain Jr.; 1052 Snead Drive; $305,000

William Craig to Joseph Sturgis; 3607 Cirrak Cove; $262,000

Mary Duman, executor, to Mark Enterprises LLC; 525 E. Pinner St.; $100,000

James Durden Jr. to Cameron McCorkle; 2063 Airport Road; $267,025

Donald Fuhs to Matthew Reed; 104 Hickory Lane; $250,000

Jerry Moore to Mary Griggs; 811 E. Riverview St.; $319,900

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Jose Cortes III; 903 Garfield Ave.; $195,475

Sharron Jones to Zachary Craig; 6226 Cushing St.; $228,400

NVR Inc. to Theodore Hunter; 2009 Van Zandt Parkway; $258,565

Blair Young to Jordan Skaines; 1073 Snead Drive; $265,000

Thomas Lawrence to Edward Davis; 857 Normandy Drive; $299,900

Paul Gottlieb to PACAR LLC; 3907 Nansemond Parkway; $245,000

Rebecca Silva to Wayne Stewart Jr.; 1604 Gunston Drive; $183,000

Jackson Brown to Adam Alphin; 1097 Hosier Road; $130,000

AB Homes LLC to Michael Blais; 1030 Glen Haven Drive; $386,050

Cecilia Devries to Steven Hill; 8715 New Road; $65,000

Bruce Johnson to Sean Vanhorn; 1840 Oyster Bay Lane; $253,764

Katrina Stanek to Tyler Hernandez; 134 Nottingham Blvd.; $219,900

Daniel Dunn to Kenneth Prinz Jr.; 2929 Old Wharf Road; $340,000

Kristan Pettiford to Justin Conyers; 3315 Burlington St.; $167,000

Ronald Wood Jr. to John Rubio; 2615 Jackson Road; $360,000

Clyde Kelly Jr. to Maria McMillan; 324 Northbrooke Ave.; $232,000