Land Transfers for Aug. 30- Sept 5.

Published 10:34 pm Saturday, September 7, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

August 30 to September 5

Kathryn Korba to SOVA Home Buyers LLC; 206 Lee St.; $19,000

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Shirley Harwood to Justin Welsch; 125 Mallard Drive; $195,000

Arthur Bredemeyer, special commissioner, to Valorie Lacey; 222 Tree Lane; $10,500

Jeremy Wright to Allison Valdez; 353 Turlington Road; $249,900

Jason Bryant to Jermaine Crawford; 315 W. Constance Road; $275,000

BCS Homes LLC to Keean Stewart; 100 Childress St.; $363,555

Vincent Weaver to Michael Watson; 1104 Wilroy Road; $180,000

Eric Delisio to Daniel Fuller; 6305 N. Oakengate Drive; $310,000

Kristopher Spann to Ian Stifle; 4015 Michael Drive; $440,000

Planters Station LLC to Emari Ready; 104 Massey Drive; $339,900

NVR Inc. to Kristen Gajeton; 2006 Van Zandt Parkway; $210,355

Planters Station LLC to David Fulkerson; 100 Massey Drive; $340,337

Jackie Blankenship to First Extended Service Corp; 136 Murphys Mill Road; $75,000

Dipes Ray to Peter Clemow; 113 Pitchkettle Point; $390,000

US Bank Trust, trustee, to Clearview Homes Va. LLC; 380 Babbtown Road; $67,900

Herbert Courtney to BC Branch Enterprises Inc.; 98 Kilby Shores Drive; $255,800

Bruce Mims to Alfredo Vasquez Jr.; 5100 Stone Wall Court; $415,000

Randy St. Jean to Jonathan Oaklander; 3001 Wincanton Cove; $287,000

US Bank National Association, trustee, to Renovada Properties LLC; 112 Woodlake Terrace; $182,600

Christopher Jacobs to Monique Mottley; 2530 Saint Martin Drive; $295,000

Cecil Rotan to Ben Lineberry Jr.; 2034 Queens Point Drive; $303,000

Seaboard Enterprises Inc. to Christopher Gunderson; 564 Turlington Road; $275,000

Lawrence Szutenbach to David Collins; 3017 N. James Drive; $715,000

Aaron Bustin to Allison Busha-McDowell; 3604 Martingale Court; $270,000

Clarissa Hoskins to Andrea Brickey; 1009 Meadows Reach; $295,000

Clyde Kelly to Heather Kitsis; 5012 Kings Grant Circle; $262,000

AB Homes LLC to Sophia Highland; 4445 O’Kelly Drive; $309,900

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kenneth Warner; 105 Newton Court; $279,500

Patricia Morgan to Patrick Herman, trustee; 1633 Cotton Farm Lane; $865,000

Christopher Pratt to Willard Doss; 100 Kings Point Drive; $325,000

Benjamin Johnson to Tommy McMillan; 301 Shore Drive; $207,400

BCS Homes LLC to Michael Dillard; 98 Childress St.; $376,560

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Joshua Pressley; 301 Keystone Walk; $339,730

400 Saint James Avenue LLC to Genesis WM LLC; 400 St. James Ave.; $100,000

NVR Inc. to Danielle Citizen; 220 Patriots Walke Drive; $313,749

Tonita Phillips to Roman Realty Group LLC; 725 Brook Ave.; $40,900

Julius Richardson to Matthew Faller; 4013 Burr Oak Place; $245,400

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 4034 Michael Drive; $222,900

Ashley Aston to Michael Langreder; 2628 S. Nansemond Drive; $185,000

Robert McAdams to Todd Barrilleaux; 155 Kristen Lane; $234,000

Christopher McKinney to Bhupendra Basnet; 1496 Elderberry Road; $342,000

Jason Weeks to Sherri McCoy; 2121 Kentucky Ave.; $182,900

Jerry Ogle to Chad Blankenship; 2123 Turtle Pond Court; $350,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Innovision Development LLC; part of lot 59 Huntersville; $10,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to McMillion Customs Homes; Lot 59 Maple Street, Pughsville; $23,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Daniels Construction Corp.; 0.32 acres; $12,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Valerie Fields; 201 Oak St.; $15,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Daniels Construction Corp.; 407 Nevada St.; $5,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to WTC Medical and Investment LLC: 1300 E. Washington St.; $25,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Randy Copeland; 103 Jordan Ave.; $6,500

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Faith of Deliverance Church; 0.13 acres; $5,800

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to JQ Holdings LLC; 613 Railroad             Ave.; $4,500

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Eugene Ricks Jr.; 441 Wilson St.; $11,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to OTL I LLC; 145 Church St.; $4,750

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Marilyn Wilson; Lot 21 Butler Trail; $15,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Zebedee Artis; 108 North Lloyd St.; $76,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Christian Lewis; 107 Sandcastle Circle; $317,135

James Petree to Nettie Keeter; 7003 Darby Court; $213,400

David Coker to Joseph Garlitz; 1511 Brittle Drive; $223,000

Gerald Hooley to Ralph Colander Jr.; 3035 Silver Charm Circle; $267,000

Stephen Allen to Earl Roser; 2004 Patrick Drive; $314,000

Jamilah Rattler to Frank Harris Sr.; 101 Jaclyn Drive; $380,000

Donald Overton to Melina Hector; 4005 Holston Court; $218,000

Betty Marland to Keith Ward; 2011 Augusta Court; $245,000

Michael Doxey to Charles Hodges; 5324 Nansemond Parkway; $90,000

Clarence Poore to Latavia Bennette; 1025 Rosemont Ave.; $230,000

Hearndon PR Builders to Clarence Poore; 217 Reservoir Lane; $361,440

Justin Brick to Kenneth Fells; 5022 Breleigh Lane; $242,000

Denise Dickerson, trustee, to Dorothy Banks; 5808 Bernhowe Manor Lane; $215,000

Linda Sharpe to David Conley; 202 Cantor St.; $260,000

John Cleary to Erika Hernandez; 2204 Silver Charm Circle; $265,000

Philip Rougeux to Custom Builders Express LLC; 8864 Gates Road; $10,000

Home Choice America LLC to Roxanne Caudle; 127 Grove Ave.; $211,500

Andrew Rowe to Kendal McGanty; 5512 Oriole Road; $193,500

Cedric Hughes to Roland Riddick; 321 Ben St.; $165,723

Ryan Richardson to Justin Phillips; 1528 Cypress Chapel Road; $285,000

NVR Inc. to Albert Whyte; 120 Freedom Lane; $429,828

Brandon Griffin to Andrew Falk; 114 Northbrooke Ave.; $190,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Courtney Philbrook; 2176 Humphreys Drive; $215,845

John Byrum Sr. to Robert Fly; 0 Wilroy Road; $25,000

Joshua Ammann to Allen Petry; 8008 Clubhouse Drive; $360,250

NVR Inc. to Tyzon Beck; 2050 Petersen Way; $251,660