Taste pleases the palate again

Published 10:28 pm Thursday, September 12, 2019

After a difficult week, the Taste of Suffolk was just what the city needed to recover from the stress of preparing for a hurricane — and then waiting inside while it didn’t show up.

Hurricane Dorian was predicted to affect the city, and it did — just not to the extent that it could have. Wind, rain and some tidal flooding came and went on Friday with little damage throughout the city.

We’re grateful the city decided not to cancel Taste of Suffolk, because it turned out to be just the ticket.

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Quite a few people at the event, both restaurateurs and visitors, said they thought the event enjoyed excellent turnout partly because everyone was looking forward to getting out of the house after hunkering down all day on Friday.

Of course, another reason for the good turnout was simply because this is one of the best events in Suffolk.

Nearly a score of restaurants from across the city, from casual diners to high-end eateries and from American fare to Jamaican flavors and Filipino delights, participated this year. Visitors got the chance to stroll, take in free samples of the sights and smells and then hand over a few bucks when they found a sight or smell so good that they wanted a taste.

Of course there were many other vendors on hand, as well as a gardening expo, children’s activities, musical entertainment (all of the senses deserved attention, after all), and the chance to see lots of old friends as you walked up and down the street.

Based on talks with visitors and restaurateurs at this year’s event, visitors enjoy the chance to try something different or discover new eateries. Restaurants, of course, appreciate the opportunity to get in front of more people and perhaps entice more people to visit their location and try more offerings.

This was the 13th installment of Taste of Suffolk, and we hope to see it continue to bring crowds downtown and help all of the restaurants in town.