Autumn events are amazing

Published 10:40 pm Friday, September 20, 2019

Monday is the first day of autumn, astronomically speaking. If we’re permitted to be biased for just a moment, we think this is the best time of the year in Suffolk, and we hope you’re ready for all of the fun.

Autumn isn’t just about the changing leaf colors, the fun holidays, pumpkins and scarecrows and hayrides, although all of those things can be fun. Autumn in Suffolk is filled with amazing events that we hope you’ll find time to be a part of.

As Suffolk has the good fortune of being located in the state of Virginia, many of these events will involve great food borne of all Virginia’s natural bounty, from the sea to the mountains.

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So get ready to crunch peanuts, chomp into apples, chow down on Brunswick stew and Boston butts and slide those roasted oysters into your mouth with a squeeze of lemon juice and a good dollop of Texas Pete.

There will be church bazaars, barbecues, oyster roasts, shrimp feasts, fundraisers of all shapes and sizes serving up all manner of food; there will be community festivals, up to and including Peanut Fest and all of the fun surrounding it; and there will be many other events too numerous to mention here but which you can find on our calendar page for the next three months or so.

If you don’t participate in the many amazing events that are coming up, we think you’re missing out. So brace yourselves: fall is coming!