Families enjoy ‘Mutts and Mochas’

Published 9:40 pm Thursday, October 3, 2019

Hearts and frozen coffee drinks were melting at the Pourfavor coffee shop on Thursday afternoon, as children played with puppies from the Suffolk Humane Society during the “Mutts and Mochas” adoption event.

Pourfavor on North Main Street partnered with the Suffolk Humane Society for this adoption event. The coffee shop put together a scavenger hunt for the kids to put their heads together and find all the clues around the shop. They were rewarded with dog-bone-shaped Rice Krispies treats.

Families were able to get stuffed dog toys for their children for $5 donations for the Suffolk Humane Society, and the kids got to decorate the collars on these toy pups. The coffee shop also made “Muddy Paws Mochas” especially for the event.

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Furthermore, 30 percent of Pourfavor’s proceeds for the event went directly to the Suffolk Humane Society, according to Executive Director Kerri Shallcross.

“It’s been a pleasure to team up with them and to support their efforts to get these guys adopted,” said Melody Brown, the Pourfavor Suffolk manager. “We hope that through our partnership with them that we got one of these guys a home.”

There were four Suffolk Humane Society puppies at the adoption event, including three 4-month-old female puppies and a 10-week old male named Petey with a white coat and a brown spot over his right eye.

“As you can see they’re very, very lovable,” Shallcross said, “and all of our dogs before they go out are microchipped, vetted and fixed.”

The dogs laid in the grass with their tongues out, and ran and rolled around with each other. The children were more than excited to meet each and every one of them as the dogs kept wagging their tails.

It was an opportunity for these puppies to find loving homes, with some potential owners happy to oblige. Shallcross said that typically, people will just know they need to adopt a certain dog.

“Normally people know. They just walk up and they just get that feeling that the dog belongs to you, or the dog will pick you. If the dog comes running up to you, (it’s like) it’s yours,” Shallcross said.

That’s what happened when Melissa Bartoldus saw Sparrow, the 4-month-old mellow mutt that lay quietly in the pen while all the other dogs were playing. Bartoldus was there with her children David, 2, and Sarah, 3, and they immediately took a liking to this puppy.

“I looked at her and I thought she was a special dog, (and) she really is,” Bartoldus said as she held Sparrow. “I’m going to have to talk to my husband and I’m going to have to take her home because she’s just a good dog. We love her already.”