In the Peanut Fest mood

Published 10:06 pm Monday, October 7, 2019

To the editor:

Since I was a little kid, Peanut Fest has been my favorite time of year. I have always wanted to be on the Peanut Fest Court; it was a dream. I have spent 16 years looking up to those girls, but unfortunately last year, when I ran for my school, I did not make it.

However, while my essay may not have been the best, it got me in the Peanut Fest mood. Therefore, with Peanut Fest quickly approaching I would love to share it with all of you. The prompt was “Let The Sun Shine, It’s Peanut Fest Time!” I hope you enjoy it!

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The rides are going, the cloggers are out, the sun is shining, it is Peanut Fest time in Suffolk! Both children and adults have waited a whole year for the festival to come back to town. They are hoping for fun and have their fingers crossed for sunny weather. This four-day festival brings so much excitement, from the food to the entertainment and especially the Goober Gang’s peanuts. On opening night, the children rush to the rides section, hoping to be the first in line for their favorite ride. The adults are trying to keep up with the children’s excitement as they find their own fun at the Shrimp Feast, eating pounds of steamed shrimp and loads of barbecue.

Friday morning is both kids and senior citizens day. You can find the local middle and high school choruses, concert bands and orchestras performing on the family stage. From afar you can see the Goober Gang passing out free peanuts and hear the roaring of the monster truck’s engine. The children are at the petting zoo begging their parents to take them to the slides and fire trucks in the ride area. As the afternoon goes on, more people begin to come out, the bingo tent is full, and the Demolition Derby contestants are lining up. Excitement fills the air as people walk around eating turkey legs and spuds, waiting to see who will win the derby.

Saturday mornings are full of preparation for vendors and the festival staff. They are setting up for the sidewalk chalk competition, the peanut butter sculpting contest, and for the crowds pouring in throughout the day. During the afternoon there is something for everyone. The Mud Jam is going on, the antique farm equipment is on display, and the famous Peanut City Cloggers are performing on stage. Families are at the Rad Hatter tent creating paper hats to wear the rest of the day. People walk around with smiles on their faces, embracing the sunshine and grabbing a picture with Mr. Peanut and the famous Peanut Mobile. On Saturday night, the fireworks are what brings some to the realization Peanut Fest is almost over as people start to head home.

There is no picture quite like the one on Sunday morning when the bikers from the Swamp Roar take off for their ride on a gorgeous day. The weekend has flown by, the excitement of eating funnel cakes and turkey legs is almost over, and the only major event left is the headlining performance on Sunday afternoon. People have spent the day walking through the commercial and craft tents, stepping on peanut shells and enjoying the sunshine. Friends gather on the lawn to enjoy the main act when they take the stage. As the festival comes to a close, perhaps the luckiest are those that get to watch the sunset from atop the Ferris wheel.

Sarah Bazemore