Land Transfers for Oct. 4-10

Published 12:17 am Saturday, October 12, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Oct. 4 to 10 land transfers


James Magee Jr. to Jordan Anderson; 3423 Manning Road; $185,000

Jonathan Eddy to Rita Robinson; 1300 Mill Oak Court; $299,500

Planters Station LLC to Charles Sutton; 103 Station Drive; $350,512

Ronelle Brockington to Adam Young; 1216 Woods Edge Circle; $215,000

Frederick McKinnon to Ashley Guy; 6700 Chambers Lane; $320,000

Melinda Hewitt to Jigneshkumar Patel; 105 Pecks Mill Court; $270,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLP to Michael Newson; 212 Retreat Drive; $357,603

Daniels Construction Corp to Stephen Mustin; 4224 Dayle Acres Road; $335,000

David Drames to Sharon Watson; 221 Highland Ave.; $174,000

Raymond Lenz to John Becht; 311 Benton Road; $163,850

Annie Holland to St. Joseph’s Reserve LLC; 129 Brewer Ave.; $70,000

Colt Wells to Walter Garwood; 102 Ruby Court; $230,000

Samuel Baptiste to Evamarie Lagrou; 5024 Kelso St.; $295,988

Jarrod Best to Allen Holland; 4101 Gunston Drive; $175,000

Christopher Hammons to Joseph Mack; 1522 Art Court; $191,500

David Delonga to Ira Williams; 6513 Harbour Pointe Drive; $545,000

Lewis Hendricks to Corbett Robinson; 3316 River Bend Place; $679,900

Renvovada Properties LLC to BC Branch Enterprises Inc.; $38,200

Benjamin Bartlett to Michael Cooper; 6530 Harbour Pointe Drive; $607,000

Cheryl Comstock to Cyprian LLC; 8 Riverview Court; $85,000

Alexander Jones III to Irene Everette; 5012 Prestwick St.; $220,000

Elizabeth Skertic to Robert Wright; 3733 Concord Drive; $245,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Bryant Law; 108 Sandalwood Lane; $322,679

Dawayne Lepper to Austin Chappell; 5833 Mineral Spring Road; $444,000

Virginia Housing Development Authority to Ronal Kittinger; 6237 Heather Glen Drive; $156,000

Maximiliano Pino to Justin Rudish; 307 Applewood Court; $274,500

NVR Inc. to Darius Jordan; 2062 Petersen Way; $290,365

Purnell Kagler to Samuel Hoard; 3432 Bob White Lane; $360,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Opauski Jr.; $232,000

Kyle Ferguson to Enson Creighton; 6902 Leefield Court; $290,000

Caela Panko to Quentin Randolph; 2222 Alabama Ave.; $128,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Suzanne Mills LLC; $193,500

Kenneth Meek Jr. to Christopher White; 6412 Aberdeen Place; $290,000

SHE Realty LLC to Thado&London Incorporated; 1413 Sierra Drive; $47,500

Derrick White to Quantrea Thomas; 113 Lancelot Drive; $218,000

Christopher Scotto to Emmanuel Boadu; 3010 Stone Creek Drive; $269,900

Anthony Maier to Carter Hotchkiss; 1540 Manning Road; $314,600

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 2045 Petersen Way; $210,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jeffrey Russell; 2010 Brians Lane; $220,000

Daniels Construction Corporation to Cayla Conviser; 5470 Carolina Road; $299,900

Lal Chaulagain to Julia Wooldridge; 5087 Kings Grant Circle; $278,000

John Kinney to Chen Chang; 650 Manning Road; $525,000

Detusche Bank National Trust Company to Thomas Baines; 1509 Brittle Drive; $121,000

NVR Inc. to Patricia Johnson; 2060 Petersen Way; $254,682

Christopher Faulkner to Gladys Sarenana; 781 Manning Bridge Road; $197,500

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Duriel Fields; $120,000

RESI REO SUB LLC to William Moore; 816 Lincoln Ave.; $68,100