A kind gesture

Published 10:09 pm Thursday, October 17, 2019

Theft is always unlawful, but theft from children is especially repugnant.

That is what some hateful person or persons did earlier this year when they stole a trailer and camping equipment belonging to the boys of Cub Scout Pack 73 from out of the parking lot of Magnolia United Methodist Church on Wilroy Road.

But fortunately, there are many more good people than bad in our community, and the Cub Scouts already have gone camping this fall with their new trailer and gear purchased with generous donations from many in the community.

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Suffolk Moose Lodge 141 made a $1,000 donation. Other donations came in through a GoFundMe page and others in the community.

As the pack camped, hiked, fished, made s’mores and more during its first campout this season, they were able to enjoy the fruits of a summer of hard work making sure they could replace their gear as well as the rewards of a good relationship with a kind and giving community.

When they first realized their trailer and gear had been stolen before, the feeling must have been devastating. But seeing the community come together to help out is rewarding not only for those who take pride in having an altruistic community but also for the pack itself.

“You see a lot of things that go on in the world, and you wonder what’s left out there,” Pack 73 leader Chris Cunningham said. “But to see the community and different people that I didn’t know come together and have different people lead me in different directions to get help if they couldn’t do it, it gave me some faith in humanity. It was nice to see the community come together and care.”

Like so many times before, we say a big thank you to everyone who was involved in this great gesture for a great organization.