The world is moving on

Published 10:07 pm Thursday, October 17, 2019

By Myrtle V. Thompson

Solomon, known for his wisdom, wrote “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth while the evil days come not…” (Ecclesiastes 12:1) The Psalmist added a further word: “So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12)

I am a “collector,” but nothing of value, just words on paper, my thoughts, some quotes from others, old pages and notes. Those two timeless verses have influenced my life which has seemed to pass quickly from childhood to the present. Today, I read something written in 2010. It hardly seemed possible a decade has gone by and the thoughts and words are still current. Here they are. Nothing much has changed except the calendar has marked my age.

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“From wintering skies rises late the sun and earth’s darkness quickly disappears.

The first rays break through and overcome the night. Another day is dawning.

It will have the same hours, the same minutes, and for many of us, the same activities

The moments will pass quickly or slowly as we listen for new sounds, look for new ideas — innovations consuming our time.

Our lives swing like the pendulum of a clock as we move from task to task, making plans, keeping schedules, jobs to do. All measured by our 24-hour day.

People are passing, moving around day in and day out in that automated circle of time. We await the moment when our plans will become a reality, never supposing that may not happen, not understanding the future is always unsecured.

Will ancient time again try to squander the longings of our hearts? Without hope, man becomes like the animal that must fight for its very existence, an unintended consequence for man.

The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe devised for each of us a plan (Psalm 139). When I give time over to God and allow Him to outline my day, organize my way, it is different. Can He not, will He not fulfill all when I trust Him to do so?

We need a daily devotional life, some moments when we stop hurrying, running and moving. A time when life is put on hold, when we can sit at Jesus’ feet, and allow His Word to refresh our souls, rebuild and revitalize our spiritual lives. We need to “take time to be holy though the world rushes on,” the quiet time, a special retreat, a place where soul and spirit can catch up with our bodies. It will change us.

A Gospel song by an unknown writer has put words to what I was thinking: “Life is moving faster than it ever has before. What tomorrow brings us isn’t certain any more. So many paths from which to choose, don’t know which way to run, The things that we can count upon grow fewer every day, but when that number gets to one, That One will show the way. Praise the Lord, He never changes, I talk to Him, He’s always there. He comforts me on every level, takes the burden that I bear. Praise the Lord, He never changes, He’s never any other way, And He’ll be the same tomorrow, as He was and is today.”

That is my confidence for the future. The evil days seem to be coming, but we can gain a heart of wisdom from the Scriptures. They will help us find the right way to the God Who is in control of our whole universe. We can trust Him Who knows where we are headed.

Myrtle V. Thompson, 91, is a retired missionary, Bible teacher and writer. Contact her at