Land Transfers for Oct. 11-24

Published 9:49 pm Friday, October 25, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Oct. 11-24

Home Choice America LLC to Nelson Sanchez Jr.; 832 Seminole Drive; $219,000

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James E. Mullen to Pamela Mae Downs, 218 Charlemagne Drive; $309,900

Debra A. Spratley to SOVA Home Buyers LLC; 855 Manning Road; $13,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Catrina Helsel; 350 Babbtown Road; $230,000

Planters Station LLC to Kvon K. Taylor; 109 McCormick Drive; $293,550

Christopher L. Smith to Kenneth Dale Meek Jr.; 103 Pintail Drive; $386,900

NVR Inc. to Keith West; 2064 Petersen Way; $252,070

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 125 Freedom Lane; $89,700

Waverton Commerce Park LLC to 680 WCP LLC; 680 Carolina Road; $1,200,000

18 Crescent Cove LLC, trustee, to Avery Property Management LLC; 1400 E. Washington St.; $52,539

Hastings and Sons LLC to Andrew C. Gould; 72 Brown Lane; $287,000

Hastings and Sons LLC to Joseph L. Howard III; 200 Beaver Lane; $277,250

Richard L. Hill to Blackwater Timber Company LLC; 36.35 acres; $22,000

Christopher M. Johns to Stephen Joseph Crocker; 3336 Nansemond River Drive; $345,000

Angelia L. Strothers to BC Branch Enterprises Inc.; 212 Pitchkettle Road; $20,000

Larry C. Morris to Joseph Dumessi; 6827 Burbage Landing Circle; $272,000

James H. Durden Jr. to Jacquelyn K. Doe; 2111 Airport Road; $239,900

Hastings and Sons LLC to Jite Hunter; 202 Beaver Lane; $290,000

Hameen of Teirra Jackson, Omar to South State Bank, trustee; 5103 Cog Hill Court; $409,200

Jeremy R. Starkey to Victor H. Reza; 2165 Partridge Place; $405,000

James B. Hayes to Zachary P. Campbell; 8813 Carters Cove Road; $265,000

Lavern Williams Morris to Shalisha Woodhouse; 6240 Heather Glen Drive; $179,000

Joshua D. Dudley to Tobias D. Taynor; 1135 Fairgrounds Lane; $190,000

Vernon Sydney Murphy to Anthony K. Cataldo; 2819 Cuttysark Lane; $314,900

Thomas J. Simmons to Casey F. Hill; 4168 Pritchard St.; $206,000

Michael Kelly to Richard Segbedzi; 207 Berry Ridge Lane; $392,500

Doris L. Futrell to Tyron D. Riddick; 141 Church St.; $26,000

Monte S. Crowl to Darryl T. Mack II; 509 Smith St.; 300,000

Lynnwood C. Smith to Joshua Phile; 2100 Piedmont Road; $290,000

John A. Ross to Kimberly Woods; 3002 Catterick Cove; $290,000

Robert J. Killen to William H. Spiker III, trustee; 5306 S. Bay Hill Court; $469,999

Vinbilken LLC to Atreyu K. Finley; 1033 MacArthur Drive; $161,500

James A. Cromwell to Troy A. Snowden; 284 Jonathans Way; $241,500

Herbert F. White II to Hathway Homes Inc.; Deer Path Road; $25,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Amy Cavanaugh; 432 Terrywood Drive; $335,270

Daniels Construction Corp to Justin T. Hogue; 5460 Carolina Road; $299,900

NVR Inc. to Blake Hunter Parker; 117 Civil Court; $362,114

Thomas H. Hood Jr. to Jerome Todd Makley; 117 Shropshire Lane; $250,600

Taylor Construction LLC to Wyatt Earp; 9129 Eclipse Drive; $374,998

Helen F. Newcomb to Spencer Shields; 315 W. Constance Road Unit 307; $215,000

NVR Inc. to Sean Clark; 333 Declaration Lane; $421,438

Matthew J. Brion to Brentyn Jones; 1108 White Herons Lane; $350,000

RSL Homes LLC to Adam W. Ford; 2725 N. Nansemond Drive; $229,900

Thomas E. Conner to Jeremy Scott; 109 Quail Run Court; $299,900

Kings Fork Village LLC to Napolitano Ventures Rentals LLC: 134 Blessing Court; $150,000

NVR Inc. to Trevon Dinnario Watford; 2055 Petersen Way; $262,785

Jerry Bryant to Dawson Lee Landon Lawhon; 330 Drum Hill Road; $27,000

Mills A. March to AB Homes LLC; 8314 Gates Road; $55,000

Robert Anthony Dearman to Sara E. Reagan; 4417 Brent St.; $150,000

Mills A. March to AB Homes LLC; 8350 Gates Road; $120,000

Emily Dawson to Charles Clark Harner; 1044 Boundary Drive Unit 33; $299,900

Mills A. March, trustee in liquidation, to AB Homes LLC; 8440 Gates Road; $100,000

Justin W. Sawyer to 72109 LLC; 424 Linden Ave.; $21,000

Juliette Rouse to Anthony Ryan Piscitello; 116 Riverwood Trace; $275,000

Jane Rascoe to Duke Vincent Godwin; 810 Resource Drive; $210,000

PRP Capital LLC to Matthew L. Brown; 1026 Silver Charm Circle; $267,500

US Bank National Association to Woochan Kim; 209 N. Capital St.; $61,000

Jessie C. Willett to Thomas M. Johnson; 1243 Peachtree Drive; $293,000

Francis B. Simkins III to Morgan M. Hayes; 4668 Godwin Blvd.; $188,000

Clavin T. Simmons to Zann Lewter; 1321 Baltic St.; $220,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Willie O. McClam; 132 Brookside Lane; $336,575

Michael R. Jackson to Denise J. McCoy; 3320 Nansemond River Drive; $357,900

Clifford E. Schompert to BC Branch Enterprises Inc.; Godwin Boulevard; $17,000

Equity Trustees LLC to FFC Properties LLC; 2018 Augusta Court; $208,600

Atlantic Trustee Services LLC, trustee, to FFC Properties LLC; 120 Torrington Circle; $380,500

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 144 Independence Court; $179,400

TNT Investing LLC to Chris Faye Lewis; 1224 Blythewood Lane; $123,000

Elizabeth T. Beaele to Richard C. Canar; 2140 Holland Corner Road; $395,000

  1. Phil McPhail to William H. George, trustee; 1437 Williams Circle; $439,900

Eric Koss to Daniel P. Quinn; 105 Burnetts Court; $177,000

BCS Homes LLC to Gary Sightler; 94 Childress St.; $361,170

Ryan K. Bernard to Norman Ashburn III; 1309 Freeman Mill Road; $399,185

NVR Inc. to Ashton Logan; 2053 Petersen Way; $278,780

Kirk Old LLC to NVR Inc.; Chuckatuck Cove lot 17; $143,500

Brian D. Fillman to William B. Lorah; 2502 Joshua Lane; $240,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard Chase Rico; 7333 Harvest Drive; $372,000

William M. Ritsch to Benjamin R. Johnson; 6094 Knotts Creek Lane; $289,900

Michael J. Marston to Rachael Anne Evans; 424 Kings Fork Road; $396,000

Bell Pride LLC to Darren D. Campbell; 121 Rockland Terrace; $273,000

Teddy G. Baggett Jr. to Zachary A. Dunn; 213 Kenyon Road; $119,875

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Ryan Henry David Jr.; 5757 Hawk Lane; $191,500

Terra Abstract Virginia Inc. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 4672 Schooner Blvd.; $265,384

Ashdon Builders to Cody Boyd; 5030 Riverfront Drive; $540,494

Terra Abstract Virginia Inc. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 4215 Driver Lane; $231,137

R&G LLC to Tony Psaras; 6423 Whaleyville Blvd.; $361,000

BCS Homes LLC to Tonya R. McCray; 102 Meridian Place; $398,795

Damien L. Drayne to Sean Anthony; 318 Gauntlet Way; $261,000

Timothy L. Ketten to Jonathan R. Grover; 3000 JIB Court; $395,000

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to Ronalk K. Sallas; 5315 Sports Club Run Unit 700; $355,000

Fernando N. Smith to James L. Bolte; 2041 Nicklaus Drive; $240,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Ronda H. Russell; 135 Sandcastle Circle; $376,554

Anthony M. Clark to Dan R. Lawson; 808 Walnut Park Drive; $175,000

Jonathan R. Grover to Babar Bilal; 2025 Augusta Court; $275,000

James H. Durden Jr. to Gustavo Gomez; 2087 Airport Road; $264,000

Angela L. Chandler to Mark Edward Dussia; 5201 North Kemper Lakes; $355,760

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Gino Manu Atu Akili; 2214 Retreat Drive; $362,373

Janet M. Van Maren to Ryan W. Sightler; 324 Stonehenge Drive; $200,000

Harry P. Gutelius to Michael J. May; 6149 Knotts Creek Lane; $231,000

US Bank National Association to Guy Nguyen; 169 Squire Reach; $144,500

Charles M. Cranston Jr. to Levar Irby; 1001 English Oak Drive; $304,900

James H. Durden Jr. to Xenaphon Stacy; 209 Raleigh Ave.; $184,000

Belmont Park Rentals LLC to Peter J. Bonter; 2021 Livingston St.; $211,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Chris E. Gill; 331 Sussex Court; $427,000

Aaron R. Rickerson to Elizabeth R. Skertic; 1400 Longstreet Lane; $415,000

William J. Quire, trustee, to Jason B. Craig; 8371 Longstreet Lane; $390,000

Legacy Home Builing LLC to Alexis R. Jackson; 320 Hunter St.; $180,600

Eleanor Meely to Home Choice America LLC; 803 Nixon Drive; $24,900