Jenkins should vote for Jones

Published 10:46 pm Monday, October 28, 2019

To the editor:

If one can get past the usual sound-bites and propaganda, watching elections and politics can be interesting. The current campaign for the House of Delegates District 76 is an example. On Sunday, Oct. 27, the  Suffolk News-Herald ran articles outlining the positions of the two candidates: Democrat Clinton Jenkins and Republican Chris Jones.

Based on the information provided in both articles, it seems to me Mr. Jenkins should be voting for Mr. Jones instead of running against him.

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Chris Jones has been serving all of the area for many years as a member of the city council, the mayor, and delegate in Richmond. During this time, our economy has flourished with new jobs, new housing, and expanding businesses. When young, Mr. Jenkins benefited from attending our fine Suffolk schools, qualifying him to serve in the Army and attend universities. Today he and his daughter manage a successful real estate business, also benefiting from Chris Jones’ accomplishments.

Regarding health care, something Mr. Jenkins supports, Chris didn’t vote for a measure until it had been modified to better serve the people. But Mr. Jenkins also supports education. Unfortunately, as the health care part of the Commonwealth’s budget has increased, the education budget has declined.

It seems to me Mr. Jenkins should support Mr. Jones, since Chris’ government seniority will better empower him to do something about increasing education spending so that area children are able to have the same benefits Mr. Jenkins enjoyed when he was young.

Joseph L. Bass