School supports students

Published 10:05 pm Monday, November 4, 2019

In its quest to have a T-shirt for its Unity Day commemoration during October, which is National Bullying Prevention Month, Hillpoint Elementary School could have done lots of things.

But rather than come up with some boring design or have one made by some company, the school took the tack of highlighting its own students on the T-shirt.

As a result, the design of the T-shirt is unique, incorporates a lot of anti-bullying messaging and sent a message to Hillpoint students — one in particular — that their unique gifts are valued and appreciated in their school community.

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The school asked one of its students, an 11-year-old fifth-grader, to design a shirt. Lamont Allen loves to draw and specializes in logos and school mascots, so he was the perfect person to ask. Lamont has spent a good chunk of time perfecting his technique, so his rendering of a husky, the school’s mascot, as well as paw prints and the school’s name, was impeccable. He also added “No Bullying” and a reference to the school’s three B’s: Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Safe.

On Oct. 23, Lamont got to see his drawing on his own T-shirt, as well as the T-shirts worn by faculty, staff and many other students, not to mention his own twin brother, Lamar, and the rest of his family. The school sold the T-shirts to raise money for anti-bullying activities and activities encouraging positive behavior in the school.

Lamont has autism, which is part of what makes him “him,” according to his mother, Tara Allen.

“All the challenges he’s faced, he didn’t let it stop him,” she said. “He’s not different from any other kid; he just learns different.”

We applaud Hillpoint Elementary School for including its students in such an integral way in this celebration.