Suffolk brand promotes lasting victory

Published 6:37 pm Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Suffolk natives Lance Boothe and Tyler Mason co-founded Legacy Premium Brand to sell quality undergarments and also to be an inspiration for others to pursue their dreams and leave a legacy that’s “made to win.”

Boothe, 36, and Mason, 23, founded Legacy Premium Brand in 2018. Their all-purpose underwear comes in five different colors, with a new color coming in December, according to Boothe. They also recently added women’s sports bras in early November.

The material for their product is a combination of polyester and spandex that makes for “grade-A quality” underwear that doesn’t wear down overtime like regular cotton underwear does, Mason said.

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Mason said they want to provide a “luxury” to everybody’s daily wardrobe needs.

“We all want to feel like we’re worth something,” said Mason. “If we’re putting on nice clothes, then we want a nice pair of underwear to go with it.”

Mason graduated from King’s Fork High School in 2014, while Boothe graduated from Lakeland High School in 2001.

Part of the appeal of Legacy Premium Brand clothing, according to Boothe, is that shoppers are able to purchase a garment from a company that’s headquartered locally.

The local company is creating job opportunities in Suffolk, and asking customers what legacy do they want to leave behind for their loved ones.

Boothe is a Virginia Beach resident with a 10-year-old daughter named Layla. Boothe said his daughter is smart and driven, but also that he doesn’t want his daughter to face the same obstacles in the workforce that her mother has faced in her own, male-dominated field.

Boothe wants Legacy Premium Brand to be a business opportunity for Layla, should she follow her father’s footsteps into entrepreneurship, and his inspiration has led him to inspire others, as well.

“When I thought about (Layla), I thought about people in general,” Boothe said. “What if I could get everybody to think about their legacy and what they wanted to do?”

Boothe wants young people to consider other potential careers for their futures and to pursue their dreams with an “entrepreneur’s state of mind,” he said.

He expressed gratitude to the city of Suffolk for its support of Legacy Premium Brand. The brand’s slogan is “Legacy made to win,” and the key to that, according to Boothe, is to work hard not just for yourself but also for someone you care about.

“Once you take yourself out of the situation and think about someone else, you’re going to win,” he said.

For more information on Legacy Premium Brand, search for “Legacy Premium Brand” on Facebook, or visit