In honor of Lorraine B. Skeeter

Published 9:52 pm Monday, December 2, 2019

To the editor:

Looking around and observing the vast number of people she has helped, we realize the number of lives that have been touched by Mrs. Lorraine B. Skeeter.

Being a member of Suffolk School Board gave her the perfect platform to show her love and concern for all children in Suffolk Public Schools. Her professionalism and respect for all individuals who served those children in any capacity were legendary.

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The Suffolk Substitute Teachers Association has always been grateful for the unique and special relationship we shared with Mrs. Skeeter. We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that as a school board member, she was an advocate for those of us who performed the duties of substitute teachers. She once told me since I had spoken at every Suffolk School Board meeting since 1991 except one, “We’d probably be worrying if you didn’t show one night.”

Her voice was heard as she spoke out for increases in salary and benefits for teachers, substitute teachers, bus drivers and others.

Two terms could be used to describe Mrs. Skeeter: professional and “a lady.” Lorraine Skeeter made it a point to understand all sides of any issues that came before the school board. She did her homework. As a member and later as chairperson of the school board, she studied, researched and came to each session totally prepared. She was professional.

Mrs. Skeeter brought a fresh look to Suffolk School Board. Her speech, her mannerisms and her actions showed this community that the hands that rocked the cradle could also effectively lead the school board.

To the family — on behalf of the Suffolk Substitute Teachers Association, we extend our love, our prayers and our deepest sympathy. Hold on to your precious memories and thank God for the life, legacy and love of Mrs. Lorraine B. Skeeter.


Dr. Freddie Wiggins