Land Transfers for Nov. 22- Dec 5

Published 9:57 pm Friday, December 6, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

November 22 to December 5

Derek Guthrie to Tommy Benton; 3026 Bay Shore Lane; $299,900

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Kyle Harmon to Bradley Delaney; 182 Rochdale Lane; $289,900

Karyn Cook to Dallas Jurasek; 4595 Quaker Drive; $425,000

Keith Horton to Matthew Barnes Smith; 5064 Bay Circle; $899,900

Matthew Barnes-Smith to Keith Horton; 3317 Forsythia Court; $500,000

Christopher Fix to Russell Vick Jr.; 3127 Caroline Crescent; $374,000

Jessica Phenix Young to Donald Helms; 3026 Elmore Circle; $279,900

NVR Inc. to Lamont Mattison; 2020 Van Zandt Parkway; $208,655

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 2079 Petersen Way; $348,000

Kenneth Beam Jr. to Brenda Cook; 4407 Cullen Ave.; $560,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Peatroy Goston; 1013 Meadows Reach Circle; $260,000

Norman Johnson to Seaboard Enterprises Inc.; 114 Crestwood Drive; $27,500

NVR Inc. to Natalie Little; 2014 Van Zandt Parkway; $212,465

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Harrison Moorer Jr.; 9009 Hillpoint Blvd.; $418,900

Jae Choi to Fred Freeman; 5905 Old College Drive; $200,000

Aaron Duman Jr. to Hardy Boone Jr.; 1510 Raven St.; $229,900

Peyton Rogers to James Larocque; 349 Benton Road; $135,000

Ywain Young to Jianna Seaborne; 1802 Monticello View; $215,000

Brandon Carter Jr. to Byron Darden; 2704 Cohoon Road; $399,900

Robert Kayse Jr. to Ryan Fischer; 2852 North Shore Drive; $194,000

Frederick Callis to Dillon Martin; 5061 Holy Neck Road; $325,000

Thomas Erwin to Keith Humphrey; 310 N. Main St.; $249,900

Keeon Williams to Monica Simmons; 6015 Rollingwood St.; $223,500

Johnnie Gray, trustee, to Bradley Cain; 9081 Eclipse Drive; $236,000

Just Right Homes LLC to Steve Willard; 227 Abingdon Circle; $205,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Yulonda Finney; 108 Beacon Run; $318,750

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 2010 Petersen Way; $315,000

Patrick Lee to Tracy Carter; 1028 Macarthur Drive; $232,000

James McRoy to Brandon Paluzzi; 33.82 acres Mineral Spring Road; $122,500

Fannie Mae to Jay R Enterprise LLC; 1305 Spencer Court; $60,500

Amanda McNiff to Shannon Garrant; 6232 Oakglen Drive; $202,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Andre Pitts; 406 Terrywood Drive; $339,900

Shirley Wei to Matthew Horne; 3202 Glebe Point Road; $350,000

Dorsha Goodman, trustee, to Goodman Develope LLC: 406 Brooke Ave.; $22,800

Patrick Martin to Samimah Bishop; 2016 Cassidy Court; $320,000

Lavoskia Torain to Hampton Roads Sanitation District; 2245 E. Washington St.; $320,000

NVR Inc. to Dimitri Clark; 2016 Van Zandt Parkway; $208,065

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Julibert Rudd; 105 Sandcastle Circle; $382,405

Smallwood Properties LLC to Sargron Sinclair; 812 Brook Ave.; $155,000

John Yanez to Sidney Neighbours; 4011 Palmer Court; $190,000

Thomas Baines to Kevin Bullock; 1509 Brittle Drive; $133,777

Charles Davidson III to Brenda Williamson; 757 Turlington Road; $173,000

Casey Gardner to Tanika Green; 945-A Vineyard Place; $251,250

Dwayne Miller to Gregory Cote; 4608 Brookwood Court; $89,900

Jencar LLC to JMA Rentals LLC; 652 First Ave.; $230,000

Parker Crossing LLC to Douglas Wolkowich; 2715 River Watch Drive; $479,000

Jesse Johnson to James Rossney; 1604 Cornus Court; $320,000

Andrea Brazil to Jesse Johnson III; 8001 Quail Hollow; $465,000

Bryan Rountree to Brandon Yaroch; 3341 Mintonville Point Drive; $345,000

Self Help Ventures Fund to Eric Stevenson; 1208 Baltic St.; $174,900

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Reese Mulder; 909 Lincoln Ave.; $197,500

NVR Inc. to Darrell Taylor; 247 Patriots Walke Drive; $360,489

Clevon Daye to Robert Farinholt; 1040 Boundary Drive #29; $298,597

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Juan Torres De La Cruz; 130 Beacon Run; $271,520

Allen Loree Homes LLC to Jonathan Pankey; 2742 Duckwood Court; $441,848

Paul Howerton to OTL II LLC; 134 Oakdale Terrace; $134,000

Thomas Brown to Joseph Strother; 2680 River Watch Drive; $289,400

Tidewater Custome Modular Homes to William Highlander; 1471 N. Cherry Grove Road; $519,700

Kenneth Evans to Matthew Shaver; 6801 Castlewood Circle; $315,000

Edward Morris Jr. to Tonia Benjamin; 3624 White Marsh Road; $79,000

Presson Construction LLC to Thomas Temple; 6823 Ruritan Blvd.; $250,000

Douglas Wolkowich to Philip Barker; 8205 Longvue Circle; $290,000

Christopher Mann to Amy Callis; 515 N. Broad St.; $330,000

Jamie Mulinelli to Regenna Bembry; 6019 Newington Place; $240,000

Mark Teixeira to Jacob Harner; 1403 Goose Creek Lane; $270,000

Geoffrey Dailey to Gabriella Ross; 6908 Leefield Court; $323,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Jessica Donahue; 101 Sandalwood Lane; $402,294

Patricia Lips, successor, trustee, to EMR Investments Inc.; 4337 N. Ainslie Court; $265,000

Gary Ables to Greenwood Construction; 2023 Cassidy Court; $110,000

Terry Simpson to Taylor Ashworth; 212 Baron Blvd.; $275,000

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 100 Freedom Lane; $269,100

Freddie Parks to Michael Lascara; 1210 Island Park Circle; $222,000

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Chaley Breaux; 2732 Nansemond Crescent; $359,000

David Mills to Trevor Geer; 121 Whaley St.; $151,500

Chase Heier to Koryna Moore; 192 Kristen Lane; $230,000

Allen Jones to Neil McLean III; 6716 Whitewood St.; $210,000

Collin Ross, executor, to Dawn Martinez; 911 Vineyard Place Unit B; $287,000

Clifford Edwards Jr. to Darrin Monson; 4153 Pughsville Road; $345,000

Torrance Saunders to Jonathon Malinish; 124 Kristen Lane; $214,000

BCS Homes LLC to Stanley Motley; 92 Childress St.; $397,640

Nicholas Renninger to Talisha Thomas; 3515 Burlington St. Unit 26; $169,500

William Bristow to Emily Hankins; 151 Rountree Crescent; $226,900

Reeva Miller to John Parks, trustee; Bell Lane Crocker White Lots; $10,000