Land transfers for Dec. 13-19

Published 9:47 pm Friday, December 20, 2019

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Dec. 13 to 19

James Taylor to Kathleen Sullivan; 202 Equinox Landing; $269,900

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FFC Properties LLC to Yaushadia Wilson; 1909 Kyle Court; $269,900

Margaret Cress to Sara Jordan; 3924 Pughsville Road; $165,000

AB Homes LLC to Sheila Flanagan; 3612 Sherwood Place; $306,140

Brian Henderson to Jessica Pelkey; 12310 Camp Pond Road; $302,000

NVR Inc. to Crystal Robertson; 2066 Petersen Way; $307,370

Planters Station LLC to Von Johnson; 114 Station Drive; $349,825

Michael Miller to Roxanne Dizon; 244 Kilby Shores Drive; $215,000

Jacqueline Horn to Joshua Darden; 215 Fallawater Way; $245,400

NVR Inc. to Roberto Lopez; 2072 Petersen Way; $276,575

IOW Properties LLC to Suzanne Sargent; 821 A North Liberty Spring Road; $225,000

Larissa Newman to Cynthia Hall; 5301 S. Kemper Lakes Court; $330,000

Nikos Nikolaou to Christian Robinson; 127 Dutchess Way; $305,000

KFV Homes LLC to Arnold Jacobs; 104 Blessing Circle; $311,710

Wirth Holdings LLC to Damon Vermillion; 4032 Michael Drive; $621,360

MKVA LLC to Theresa Johnson; 519 Chisholm Lane; $110,000

Jacob Freeman to Mark White; 3512 Kelso Court; $310,000

Brian Ingram to Charlie Barksdale; 245 Jonathans Way; $279,900

Elizabeth Andrews, executrix, to Tidewater Investments 3 LLC; 2222 Florida Ave.; $45,000

Bryan Holland to Blake Williams; 7.12 acres Longstreet Lane; $70,000

McPherson Holdings LLC to Charles Washington; 216 N. Fifth St.; $90,000

DJR Investments LLC to Glerez Properties LLC; 2408 Pruden Blvd.; $400,000

Casa Di Bella Development LLC to Alexandra Faith; 418 N. Broad St.; $215,000

Matthew Kaufman to Susan Canedy; 3121 Arthur Drive; $425,000

Linwood Blount to Suffolk Real Estate LLC; 606 Mason Ave.; $26,700

Linwood Blount to Suffolk Real Estate LLC; 527 Mason Ave.; $38,500

WDG Enterprises LLC to Matthew Lilly; 2630 Jackson Road; $41,000

Russell Wilson II to Christopher Pierce; 6079 Newington Place; $254,900

Linwood Blount to Suffolk Real Estate LLC; 521 Mason Ave.; $37,000

Linwood Blount Sr. to Suffolk Real Estate LLC; 406 Saint James Ave.; $30,000

Estate of Lena Holland G. Morgan to Bases Hit LLC; 114 S. Capital St.; $25,000

John Lewis to Brett Sayre; 5332 Mineral Spring Road; $580,000

Fannie Mae to Brandon Huffman; 1376 Wilroy Road; $149,900

Bold Property Associates BPA LLC to Jonah Swett; 801 Battery Ave.; $160,441

Joshua Zang to Ruben Reyes; 6078 Mainsail Lane; $312,000

Michael Graham Sr. to Pedro Cely; 608 Ashley Ave.; $15,000

East Beach Contractors LLC to Jason Greene; 3319 Holland Road; $162,500

Samuel I White PC to Thomas Connor; 220 Archers Drive; $166,000

CR 2018 LLC to RYN Properties LLC; 119 Church St.; $19,000

Randy Skeeter to AB Homes LLC; 2129 Skeetertown Road; $50,000

Deshawn Gibbs to Matthew Craig; 6219 Old Town Point Road; $210,000

Jesse Brown III to Rachele Brooks; 119 Hawks Nest Lane; $335,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Gilbert Alexander; 104 Preservation Reach Unit 40; $363,246

Joseph Torrisi to Patrice Williams; 314 Stonehenge Drive; $218,000

Venture Obici LLC to LWS Suffolk Station LLC; 1930 N. Main St.; $625,000

W.J. Evans to Michael Vigenski; 206 Lida Ave.; $209,000

James Sweatt Jr. to Rathmond Collins III; 2754 Freeman Mill Road; $35,000

NVR Inc. to Clarence Mayo; 128 Independence Court; $458,141