Police Reports for Dec. 20-22

Published 8:50 pm Monday, December 23, 2019

The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations. It should be noted that a criminal charge is only an accusation and does not indicate a conviction has or will be attained nor that the party listed in the arrest report is guilty of the crime listed.

December 20


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Simple domestic assault, Brook Avenue

Non-reportable offenses, Elizabeth Street

Simple domestic assault, East Washington Street

Destruction of property, College Drive

Vandalism of private property, Belleharbour Circle

Animal bite East Washington Street

Destruction of property, East Washington Street

Theft from motor vehicle, Hall Avenue

All other reportable offenses, Nansemond Parkway

Lost or stolen, Wilroy Road

Simple assault, Nansemond. Parkway

Undetermined death, Sounding Crescent Court

Overdose, Waterview Road

Non-reportable offenses, Commercial Lane

Hit and run, property damage, Godwin Boulevard

Grand larceny, Bank Street

Non-reportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Overdose, Old Somerton Road

Theft from motor vehicle, Centerbrook Lane

Petit larceny, Virginia Avenue

Non-reportable offenses, West Constance Road

Destruction of. property, Wilson Street

Possess prescription drugs, Magnolia Drive

Hit and run, Holland Road

Hit and run, property damage, Route 58/Pitchkettle Road

Simple assault, Hampton Roads Parkway

Hit and run, Nancy Drive

Non-reportable offenses, Second Avenue


Maggie Lenora Eure, fail to maintain proper control/improper brakes (M)

Bianca Lynett Cameron, 24, contempt of court (M)

Karessa Louise-Brandii Cordon, 19, grand larceny: $500 or more not from person (F)

Scott Wyatt Parker, 23, possession of marijuana (M)

Antoan Emilio Williams, 42, consensual intercourse with child age 15 or more not parent (M)

December 21


Possession of marijuana, Wilroy Road

Non-reportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Theft from motor vehicle, Nansemond Parkway

Larceny, shoplifting, North Main Street

Hit and run, Surburban Drive

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Sandy Spring Lane

Larceny, shoplifting, College Drive

Simple domestic assault, Nansemond Parkway

Petit larceny, East Washington Street

Non-reportable offenses, East Washington Street

Larceny, shoplifting, College Drive

Larceny, shoplifting, North Main Street

Armed robbery, Church Street

Petit larceny, Pitchkettle Road

Breaking and entering, residential, Spruce Street

Missing person, Desert Road

Larceny, shoplifting, Godwin Boulevard

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, West Washington Street

Simple assault, Wellons Street

Vandalism of private property, University Boulevard

Larceny, shoplifting, College Drive

Kidnapping, Hardy Drive


Nathaniel Lewis Black-Edmond, 19, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Justin Ryan Mouser, 32, concealment, price alter merchandise of greater than or equal to $500 (F)

Alvonte Rahmond Wood, 19, public intoxication (M)

Callie Marie Bulls, 23, possession of marijuana (M)

Daniella Renee White, 27, petit larceny (M)

Shamieka Wynn Berta, 41, assault and battery – family member (M)

Jeffrey Lee Baker, 47, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Michael Henry Dibella, 43, assault and battery of family member (M)

Kenta Demetrius Bellamy, 46, leash law violation (M)

Nadashea Lanea Powell, 23, robbery (F)

George Thomas Smith, 72, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

December 22


Non-reportable offenses, Nansemond River Drive

Non-reportable offenses, College Drive

Theft from motor vehicle, Pitchkettle Road

Hit and run, Second Avenue

Elude police, Virginia Avenue/Bosley Avenue

Hit and run, Pitchkettle Road

Destruction of property, Central Avenue

Grand larceny, Redgate Drive

Simple domestic assault, South 5th Street

Larceny, shoplifting, Wilroy Road

City report-property damage, Regenia Court, Windsor

Non-reportable offenses, Saint James Avenue

Non-reportable offenses, White Marsh Road

Larceny, shoplifting, University Boulevard

Simple domestic assault, Kingsale Road

Obtain money by false pretenses, Holland Road

Hit and run, Godwin Boulevard/Centerbrooke Lane

Shooting into occupied dwelling, Cedar Street


Keith Lashaun Artis, 37, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

Tonya Sherri Carmon, 46, larceny or theft, third or subsequent offense (F)

William Edward Liskey, 33, concealment, price alter merchandise less than $500 (F)

Trayshawn Vontreal Joyner, 18, leash law violation (M)

Yanya Denise Edwards, 22, contempt of court (M)

Jessie Donnell Miller, 40, destruction of property, monument of less than $1,000 with intent (M)

Jamie Daris Walker, 39, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Travis Devone Copeland, 36, grand larceny: $500 or more not from person (F)

Sheaquan Willie Rose, 40, aggravated malicious wounding – pregnant woman (F)

M – Misdemeanor

F – Felony