‘Rich beyond monetary gain’

Published 9:22 pm Monday, December 23, 2019

A young Suffolk entrepreneur wants to share a positive message to others and to help people think about what it means to make their lives truly “rich.”

That’s why Keon Wiggins-Saunders, a 17-year-old Lakeland High School senior taking courses at Camp Community College for his associate degree, founded the RichKidNation LLC when he was 14.

His website richkidnation.com, which was updated in October, features a slew of different clothes and accessories for sale: T-shirts, hats, unisex sweaters, and clothes for adults and kids, including infant clothing, all with the “RKN” brand.

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“A lot of the money that comes in goes right back into the community,” Keon said, like when he and a friend bought gently used toys and clothes for children in the neighborhood during Christmas last year.

Keon started RichKidNation because his mentor, Donzell Powell, told Keon that he needed something that was his — something that he truly owned.

He started the RKN clothing line not just to sell clothes, but to also deliver his message.

“I wanted to start a movement,” he said. “I wanted to show people a message, and that message is that you can be rich beyond monetary gain.”

“Rich” can also extend to knowledge, experience and other essentials for success.

“This company’s goal is to let kids and people of all ages understand that you do not need money to be rich in your own way,” richkidnation.com states. “No matter where you come from, you have opportunity to be a part of the RichKidNation.”

Keon is heading into the coming new year with plans to get his message out further, and to help promote other talented individuals and their creativity, using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

“I feel great about going into the new year with RichKidNation,” he said.

Visit richkidnation.com for more information.