Hoping to avoid violence

Published 9:40 pm Monday, January 6, 2020

To the editor:

On Jan. 20, I and many others will be traveling to Richmond to voice our support for and defend the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Northam and Stoney are from the same regime as McAuliffe and Signer who in Charlottesville ordered their respective law enforcement chiefs not to protect the people to ensure a violent outcome. Shipped-in masked cells of antifa terrorists were financed by money from the DNC, Soros, Steyer, Bloomberg and other anti-American interests.

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You can be sure the very same groups of DNC anti-Americans are plotting how to ensure the same level of violence will take place in Richmond on the 20th of January.

Virginia is the testing grounds for states nullifying the Second Amendment. Once the precedents for unconstitutional gun-grab strategies and tactics are established in Virginia, other states will be strategically selected. One by one state legislatures will be targeted and toppled by the DNC, Soros, Steyer, Bloomberg and other anti-American interests. Once toppled, the precedents set in Virginia will be used to nullify their respective citizen’s Second Amendment rights.

I am predicting the DNC will fund and deploy antifa terrorists to Richmond on the 20th to create chaos and inflict violence. Northam and Stoney will order their respective police chiefs not to protect the people. There will be no plan to keep the law abiding citizens and the antifa separated.

I’m documenting this in an attempt to thwart the DNC plan and ensure a peaceful day.

Because of a demonstrated willingness by Virginia Democrat leaders to order local and state law enforcement to not protect the people, there must be a strong showing of federal law enforcement. This federal law enforcement must be forceful and seen by all as in charge.

Timothy Dander