Letter was conspiracy theory

Published 10:09 pm Thursday, January 9, 2020

To the editor:

Referring to the “Hoping to avoid violence” letter in the Jan. 7 edition, this is straight conspiracy theory. Antifa is not an organized group, nor are they responsible for the majority of the violence.

The only person responsible for killing people is the person who killed those people with their car. We don’t arrest people protesting when they get killed because they “brought on themselves.”

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Also this notion that they’re going to nullify the Second Amendment is just ridiculous. Regulations are allowed even on things that are right. You can’t scream fire in a crowded room even though it’s speech. The Second Amendment even says that they can be regulated and was when it was written. Only people a part of the militia could even have a gun, so its interpretation has been vastly expanded.

To the editor, what is wrong with you publishing this? Are you going to start publishing people’s alien abduction stories next? Are you trying to become a tabloid?

Brian Coover